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  1. Me, too. To paraphrase what Dave stated early on, "This is what I have learned throughout my entire lifetime about all of this, and here it is, given to you freely...learn from it..." Thank you gentlemen. I hope and pray that someday I can pay it forward. Gonna have enough DVD's Dave?
  2. Diamondback Ironworks makes a 3 burner propane that opens up on three sides. http://www.diamondbackironworks.com/catalog/item/2754775/7277482.htm
  3. Here's an interesting you tube of a water powered smithy. The power hammer is toward the end. Ron
  4. Thanks again Jim! I'm going copy this on a cd in case the gremlins bite my computer! Happy New Year!
  5. Jim and Jeff, Thanks for sharing this, it's priceless!
  6. Here's a link that may help. http://www.utexas.edu/cola/centers/lrc/eieol/norol-TC-X.html
  7. I have some information given to me by a friend that may be useful: http://www.omega.com/ppt/pptsc.asp?ref=BLMI&ttID=BLMI&Nav= http://www.omega.com/ppt/pptsc.asp?ref=NHXH_NHX&Nav= http://axner.com/analoguepyrometer.aspx And I'll email his instructions to you. Ron I put the text in a Works file in case anybody else is interested but I'm not permitted to upload it so just email and I'll send it to you.
  8. Thank you gentlemen, your responses have me fired up and eager to get working on it. If I have to anneal the wire I thought I could use a hand held propane torch for brass that small. Just heat to a dull red, then quench in water. I'm thinking the brass will heat to that temp in seconds. The metalurgical reactions are still beyond me yet but I'm slowly wrapping my head around more of it as I study, so I guess my answer to what I know about annealing non-ferrous metals is "almost and very close to nothing!" Ron
  9. I found a way. I can thin and round the ends, then anneal them if neccessary.
  10. I've searched the board fairly thoroughly but can't seem to find a source(s) of reference for migration and early medieval metal working tehniques. I'm carving a handle based on Norse art and want to attach a ring at the base. And I want to attach a short, beaded leather lanyard to the ring. What I had in mind was to thin the ends of a 2 to 3mm brass rod by grinding or drawing it out, but if I drew it out I thought it may work harden the brass to the point it wouldn't be maleable enough. Can anyone direct me to some sources for inspiration? Thanks Ron Moore
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