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    Hunting,fishing,shooting military style weapons,BLADESMITHING,blacksmithing,beggining Tattooing,building usefull tools,body building and Dreaming of being a real good bladesmith.

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  1. wow thats good,for a moment there i thought you made the edge on the wrong side but now i see why.i take it this isnt your fisrt ever forging?and finshing of something
  2. when its loads all it does is play music?no vids at all
  3. sic,hope they help.i know you where not into the wax one but i looked at it and saw that it looks fine once done.
  4. http://www.daviddfriedman.com/Medieval/Articles/Perfect_Armor_Improved.htm http://www.ehow.com/how_2062855_harden-leather-using-wax.html http://leatherworking.tribe.net/thread/0b65950c-0944-49c1-87ec-0ee358509aa3 http://www.google.co.nz/url?q=http://leatherworking.tribe.net/thread/61cd5c79-3a55-45fe-b001-2f57191eeda2&ei=_L4_S4O9FIOMswPdzYXBBA&sa=X&oi=forum_cluster&resnum=6&ct=result&cd=1&ved=0CCAQrAIoADAF&usg=AFQjCNHimhYJWL9GNNPvSdjJvZu_UAwWqQ http://www.oldjimbo.com/Outdoors-Magazine/Hotwaxing-leather-sheaths.pdf Might help you
  5. wow i love your shop and all the tools,haha when u started talking about the most important thing in the shop i thought it was ganna be the toilet haha.well i think youve got a rad shop i could only dream of having.well doen
  6. I was always told that if you buy cheap you end up paying more in the future.
  7. the only thing is that the wheels dont fit into the polishinhg compound canister,so its probly imposible to take it out without it all crumbling into small pieces.im so excited to make things like jewlery,carving,engraving and more so thanx to all for the info.it will help
  8. I got a question about the polishing paste,its very hard and i dont know how to get it on the polish wheels.
  9. id have to see a few pics of a homemade one first
  10. as i said i got given it for xmas so ive already got it,and its the only one the buyer could fine in the hole town.i also have no idea what u mean about adjustable jigs.
  11. wow thanx for all the info,ive already used it a few times now,i tried to engrave on aluminium but it seems to just dig down into the metal,the burs i have are made from high speed steel so im aabit cautious of what i use them on,i also got diamond tips burs too.the one ive got isnt called a dremel its called a rotary tool but its probly the same thing.ill post some pics later.the stupid thing about this dremel is that the instructional manual says nothing about what steels and what the purpose is for the different wheels.so far ive put a walnut handle on a tiny carving knife and sanded it down with the drum wheel things.when i post pics ill try my best to describe the wheels.
  12. thanx,i was wondering,one of the polishing wheels is called an emery polishing wheel,does it give a mirror polish or whats it used for?the instructional manual had hardly any actualy instructions on what wheels are for what and how to use them so i have to come here where experianced people use them all the time.also what can i do with it on knives besides engraving,polishing,grinding and machining?
  13. ok,will the cutt off wheels still cutt steel thats hard?i dont unterstand the speed setting on it either,it says all the recomended speeds for all the different wheels,but the speed setting switch has 1,2,3,4,5 and max written on it,so i dont know what setting to put it on if i need a certain speed eg:30000rpm will most likely be max and 4500 will be 1 but the others i got no clue
  14. can the grinding,cutting and polishing weels be used on hard steel?or is it just things like brass,aluminiun and copper?
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