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    Mostly spend my time at sea, dreaming of making knives.

    Blacksmithing, computers, reading, Online gaming when at home.
  1. I know one of the issues that I have run into regarding handle length is, most blocks tend to be only 5" long.
  2. That's a beauty, I like the subtle curves on that.
  3. +4 Trailing Point. That thing is going to hit like a truck.
  4. Howie

    Random Pictures

    I figured it was a tender.
  5. Howie

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    Cool, what rate were you in the Navy? I was an OTA/STG.
  6. Howie

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    Nope, this is my first time on her. I was home on vacation when that happened. But I was on the Victorious that year.
  7. Howie

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    Nope not a tincan. The mighty Impeccable.
  8. That sounds like a great idea, thanks!
  9. Howie

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    Clifford, yes it is. Good eye! It has probably changed a lot since you were there last. The exchange is now a duty free store. Spanish Gate is still there. A bunch of restaurants, hotels, a mall and a casino are now located on what used to be the old Naval Base and it's called the Subic Bay Freeport Zone. The Korean shipbuilder Hanjin had a yard on Subic Bay as well, it's been shutdown since they filed for bankruptcy.
  10. I've always loved how Koa wood looks. Very nice looking knife.
  11. Howie

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    Austin thanks, yes I do travel quite a bit.
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