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  1. Basically I am just trying to find out what some of the most common types are and what thier basic characteristics are. You know .... like this is a hard steel that welds easily but doesn't hold a decent edge. Or, this steel in commonly used for tools like hardened drill bits etc .... That way, I can go to a place and ask if they have this type or that type of steel. And, it will give me an idea of what is good to use for blades and what is too difficult to work or worthless for blades.
  2. I hear people talking about different types of steel and they always use numbers to describe the type of steel they are using. Now, I understand that the number mean the type of hardness or something like how much carbon or something like that. But, I really honestly have no idea what they are talking about. Does anyone know if there is a list somewhere that describes the different properties of each steel along with the number that is used to identify that type of steel. I hope this is as simple as a "HOPE" it is ...... LOL Mutt
  3. Mutt

    New Forge

    Hello all, I am new to forging and new to this forum. I was at a large gathering one weekend and saw a guy with a small homemade gas forge. After returning home, I went to our local scrap metal dealer and got an 18 inch long piece of 12 inch diameter water pipe from an aircraft carrier. Anyhow, I took the pipe and welded it onto a piece of u channel and left about 9 inches of channel sticking out for a shelf in the front of the forge. I welded a 1 and a half inch pipe to the side with a 90 degree bend and a gas fitting attached to the side of the pipe. I am using a shop vac for air and actually need to put a valve inline because it pushes too much air through the forge and puts it out. Anyway, me and my son fired it up and it worked. I am getting ready to put an inch of KAOwool and a couple of sacrificial bricks in the bottom. I had a local propane shop make me a fitting so I can hook it up to one of my camping hoses that I attach to my cook stove. The whole thing cost me about 40 bucks to build, minus the cost of the gas tank and insulation. Anyone have any suggestions that I haven't thought of??? Mutt
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