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  1. jaka


    I really like this knife. Super job.
  2. One of my 5 sons asked for a large knife for his birthday this year. I borrowed heavily from David Broadwell on the shape of the blade. (thanks David, I'm a huge fan of yours). I tried a lot of new things on this knife that I don't normally do, made a lot of errors I would change, and learned a great deal in the process. Not a show stopper but my son was happy and now so am I. Pictures not so good but comments, critiques, welcome. 1095 blade/stock removal Blade length 11" Overall length 17" Point of balance appx. 1-1/2" in front of guard. Guard and pommel: Wrought iron
  3. jaka

    Viking Sword

    Found an article in the latest Archeology magazine showcasing a sword used in the years around 1012-1014. I don't try to recreate any of these but the story was fascinating. Crusader.pdf
  4. You cracked me up with the comment about "no welding rods were harmed." These are super nice trowels and reflect your expertise in metal working. I'm extremely envious. Thanks for sharing the procedures you used.
  5. I really like the knife and particularly like the S-guard and the way it fits in the sheath.
  6. That is one sweet knife and sheath. Good work and thanks for the WIP and sharing.
  7. I'd call it the Monarch. It certainly looks fit for royalty. Love it..Great job.
  8. I like everything about the knife except the blade profile. To me it's too wide with the wrong curve. I'm certainly not anywhere near the knife maker the likes of who we have on this forum including yourself so I don't feel qualified to do any critiqueing. I'm only going by the visual attraction of the blade to myself. If it were mine I would cut it down as shown on the annotated picture. Other than my take on it, it's still a beautiful knife.
  9. Looks like it would fit the hand nicely and be a fun piece to use. Beautiful job and really like the forging and design.
  10. Stunning in all aspects. Great work.
  11. Thanks Brian. New at it or not the knife came out well. Thanks for the info.
  12. At the risk of sounding like a real dunce when it comes to damascus, how many folds were required to come up with that beautiful pattern. I'm about ready to try my own hand on it but still not too sure of how it goes. That's a really nice knife and sheath.
  13. In my opinion the bog oak is really visually appealing and gives the knife a somewhat sinister look in that it will do what it was designed for with ease. Beautiful design and forging.
  14. jaka


    Gorgeous knife and I think the sheath really compliments it. Great work.
  15. Beautiful shot. I think he's got it.
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