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    Tuttle, Oklahoma.
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    Hunting, fishing, forging, cars, camping, anything but housework.
  1. Insurance call center, I start there next month!
  2. Krystina M.


    I'm here now. Looks like its going to take quite a while before I can get a forge running. The previous tenants destroyed the garage. I have to clean/fix EVERYTHING.
  3. Take care of yourself, and best just send that rum this way, seeing as how you should not be mixing pain killers and alcohol But seriously I am sending you all my get better vibes!!!
  4. Krystina M.


    Yes it is, we have Eastern Gray's and Fox's here, both are rather large in nature.
  5. Krystina M.


    Ha, I wish I had a 30-30, although I might be better off without one, Dave would prolly never get me outta the creek area and there would not be any squirrels around here. Just once? PLEASE!? I promise I won't miss it!!!
  6. Krystina M.


    That is possibly my favorite piece he has done thus far. On a side note, that is actually about a medium sized aquirel for around here, there was one out in the creek that was much bigger then that one, but I was out walking without my .22 so he got to live on for another day.
  7. I thought I was the only person who whipped him??? Awesome job babe, these pictures do not do it justice!
  8. Just used clay coating. it was actually not that hard, alot easier then I thought it would be.
  9. Thanks Beau I'll keep that in mind on my next one, I have it under way already, just set he shoulders and now I need to draw the tang out and then finish the shaping on the blade.
  10. Just finished the polish on it today, took it out to 1500. now onto fittings and a handle. It is a piece of 5160, with a differential HT.
  11. Wow those look great. How easy is pure iron to work with?
  12. Nope sorry they had to destroy the mold after me, my model was WAY to flawed for mass production, they are still finding problems.
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