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    Damascus Bladesmith,Blacksmith,Fine furnature, woodworking,pottery,stained glass,Ive been working setting up a 2,100 sq.ft. shop.USMC -Vet
  1. justin..i just e mailed you..if you still have the swdge block ill take it.... chele
  2. Hi Shawn....I also will try to help you.Im up in Mtn City so im not far away.I like alan , belong also to the rocky mount group. I have a Burr King 1272 (2"x72") a rare one with a 5 hp (overkill to the max lol)A idea i got from studying at bob loveless shop.(bob's had a 3 ph..mine 220 1 ph) Burr Kings are not as common as badder here in the east.I learned on a badder and fell in love with the Burr King that my old friend Bob Engnath ,(rip),had at his shop in glendale,ca ...on the west coast burr king rules as they was built there but since moved east. Id suggest a 960-272 ..I like it alot that in time ill get one also.the 1272 the boss but its a coastly one and i don;t think your wallet that fat lol.There are alot of belt ginders out there and most id not use for a door stop. contact me at bad_ducky@yahoo.com , I will give u my phone # ...way to many spamers read posts..I must order some new belts ,so when they come in your welcome to visit me.. chele black dragon forge
  3. Rest in peace Bob..You taught me alot. I do hope his sweet wife and Jim Merrit work out a deal to keep things going... In 1988 As far as i know i was the only Bladesmith to study under Bob + Jim ,when i lived in San Diego.. I cherish all the pictures i took of his shop when i lived in a trailer he had next to the shop. And all the shareing he did with us of calif knifemakers group Michele von Bergen ps this is sad to see two old friends leave me. So many are going ..
  4. May you rest in peace old friend.. Dan was my first knife and hawk maker i ever meet..back in 1981 in AZ at the SOF convention..We allways party hard and he was as crazy as i was. I had him incoprerate some stabalized turquoise on a ivory knife i had him make for me.He told me "it was a bear to do,but he liked it as many others also did .and asked if he could use my idea"he was a true gentleman.. his son he trained well also so in him he will live on.. semper fi dan Chele
  5. I love it....where can i get a dvd of it for my shop? michele
  6. you know your hard core when you spend more $ on your shop and eqt than you paid for your home. you know your hard core when your niece comes and tell you she not seen you in days and its time you came up to the house. and you put a bed in the shop and start moving all your stuff from the house to the shop so you can work more. and you start looking at your guns and wondering i could get this new eqt if i sold this rifle. my niece in the picture ,a RN that treats my injurys often and my apprentice michele black dragon forge n/e tn
  7. lol @ wood staining......i know that feeling michele
  8. I will post a few pictures of the ABS hammer in, conducted in conjuction with SOFA/southern ohio forge and anvil.This was the 5th one there .There will be another one next year..(fyi: sofa put on the quad state round up blacksmithing event with is huge..acres of tools and eqt for sale plus neat demos). 1/ James Crowell MS doing a forging demo. many more pictures coming in the folling posts ==============================================
  9. I will miss it this year as fixing up my shop is high priorty, ,but ill be there in 2010 for sure. michele
  10. john i am very much interested in your rolling mill.....please tell us more about it.... it looks like a McDonald i saw used in oz? none the less im very much interested. thank you bad_ducky@yahoo.com
  11. hello deker id like to get more than $5.00 worth please contact me ...and is usps to a po box ok? i live on top a mtn and no mail box as the bums would steal anything chele......bad_ducky@yahoo.com
  12. Welcome Mohd.. You will find this is a great site with great members who try to help.When i was in singapore in 2002 i wanted very much to visit kuala Lumpur ,but i ran out of time..Ill get there yet.I have lived all over s/e asia..love the people and the food. Chele
  13. IMHO i agree with all the above.. You want a 2 or 3 wheel "belt"sander type that fits on a table link area.not a poratble hand belt sander you would use doing floors.. something like a Bader or Burr King is what id go for.. Burr King 960 a great machine..ill have 2 of them yet.Im useing the bigger 1272 with a 5 hp ..lol but few need a beast like me.i can turn over 1/2 inch of metal red hot .. but in reality a nice belt sand with wheels and the ability to use a slack belt for handles or putting on a edge is nice just my 2 bahts worth ...(baht=thai $) chele
  14. gads thats nice... oh well,back to cashing in soda cans chele
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