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  1. Looks great. Inspirational work Philip.
  2. Indonesian San Mai is called as "Balik Mipih". The core normally is a hard carbon wedged in between of damascus steel. Anyhow I don't think it's a mateorite unless it's really an old piece.
  3. Hi Philip. Looks great. Always like your works.
  4. Hi Stu, Nice and sleek! Is it a chisel grind on both the primary bevel and the swedge as well? mohd
  5. The hamon looks great Ben Is that means that the blade was zone hardened by only dipping the lower part and the front part of the blade bevel into the quenching liquid? mohd
  6. Neato! Now I just saw another gorgeous piece of art! Congrats to you Jesus mohd
  7. Wow .. great work means when you turn a simple design of a sax into a gorgeous piece of art Congrats to Johnsson, Pikula, Powning, Stephens and Van Clifton! mohd
  8. Kindly let us know the specs for each of them,buddy mohd
  9. Great works as always Ray The upward curve of the blade and the downward curve of the handle make it looks so sweet! Congrats to you pak mohd
  10. Great work It looks all the components are precisely made and nicely fitted! Like it very much mohd
  11. Beautiful sword, Matt Would love to see more the pattern on the blade mohd
  12. Fantastic Love your highly creative work Is the knife a replica or ori yours Richard? mohd
  13. Looks so nice, Orien What's the type of steel that normally used for wagon axle, Orien? Is it cast iron? mohd.
  14. Clean flow! Matching components in term of the design, the choice of colors and the finishing touch Over all is a great package mohd.
  15. Nice work Petr Wonderful handle work Any sheath/scabbard? mohd.
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