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  1. I Forged this out a while ago and have been so busy with work that I havent had time to do anything with it. I have a great Elk antler crown for the handle and have an idea for a great guard. I need some advice on the tang, as you can see the tang at its widest equals the diamiter of the antler crown at its blade/handle junction. For a blade this size, can I safely reduce the width of the tang without comprimising the strength at the critical joint? Or should I file out the antler and maintain the width fo the tang and loose some of the strength of the antler. I havent worked with antler before and dont know if there is a ratio of tang to antler that works well. thoughts and comments are most welcome. Thank you, Ben.
  2. Two of my Troops have spent time coming over to the house and each has used my tools to forge his own blade. They are currently down range and each has built a charcoal forge and improvised anvil from found materials so they can continue to work with steel. I thought you might get a kick out of their set up.
  3. Alan, here is a Video tutorial from Larry Potterfield at Midway USA, not a Knife tutorial but pretty good gouge. http://www.midwayusa.com/General.mvc/Index/VideoLibrary
  4. Beautiful, i really like the furniture. the overall presentation is great.
  5. Really nice Knife, I would listen to Doug on the testing/breaking a few blades advice, helped me a bunch. I dig the bit of accidental recurve, looks like a serious chopper.
  6. Nice, better looking than the movie prop. Now you need to find a guy with a chain saw to fight!
  7. Nice work, looks like a serious working blade.
  8. Beautiful work, I expect that any Troop that earns the honor of having their name added will be proud of their accomplishments and worthy of your great craftsmanship.
  9. Awesome, thanks for taking the time to document the process. Great looking hatchet. V/R Ben.
  10. Thank you Alan. I forgot to mention yesterday in my original post (7 & 8 year old beating on me and each other at the time) that I have a Plasma cutter, so if full size truck springs aren't to your liking we can spend an hour or so cutting them to whatever size your forge can handle. V/R Ben.
  11. So I have 2 x full up Toyota Landcruiser spring packs, 2 x disassembled partial Toyota landcruiser spring packs, a dozen Honda coil springs, a hundred or so lawn mower blades, and a Anvil made out of a 4" x 6" mild steel beam set into a bucket of concrete. All are free and first come first serve. My Family and I are relocating to Savannah GA courtesy of Uncle Sam and don't have the space for my knife making raw materials. I am in Lacey Washington down near Olympia. I will be willing to throw it all in the truck and bring it to your place if you are within 30 miles of me, or you can come pick it up. Please e-mail me at Sutton1911a1@yahoo.com or send me a PM. And I didn't read my title prior to posting, sorry for my awesome English.
  12. Very Nice, as stated above, clean lines.
  13. That is Awesome, nice design. It looks like someone will get a lifetime of use out of your knife. Ben.
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