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  1. I like the the idea of finding a school with one to use very good idea. thanks g-
  2. I've seen the file set that you use to test the rockwell harness of parts but I'm wondering how well they work. Has anyone used these files, and are they worth buying? I'm assuming that you try to scratch the part with the different files in the set until you find one that will bit on the steel. Not sure how accurate they are but there is no way I can afford a tester at over $1K so I was thinking this might give me a better feel for my blades. Thanks for your advise. g-
  3. any one know where to get nickel powder?
  4. So is this just plane kerosene you get at the hardware store? g-
  5. I"ll take some the the chain if you still have some left



  6. Last week while looking for steel for a press I came across several hydraulic rams. I couldn't resist picking out a couple of the smaller ones 2-3" diam. I figured if nothing else I could use it to make a few hammers. Does anyone have any idea what steel they may be made out of? and if I could use it for knife blades? THanks Greg
  7. This weekend I forged my first damascus billet 1080 and 15N20. After the initial forging, I placed the billet in the vermiculite to cool overnight. The next day I went to clean the billet and cut and re-stack it, and there was a thick black crust (flux I think) on the outside which was very hard to grind off. First ?, is this normal? Second if so is there an easer way to clean it off? should I grind it off while the billet is hot? thanks for your advice. Greg
  8. thanks so much for your help. g-
  9. I'm really new to all this and was looking on ebay for some 416 SS for guards (only finding it in round rods) but there is some 17-4 ph SS. How will that compare to 416 or 303 SS? Thanks Greg
  10. looks like a lot of stuff mostly there are a couple of batches of steel that was being used for damascus but I have know Idea what it is looks. http://shop.ebay.com/littledeesbeads85/m.html?_trkparms=65%253A12%257C66%253A1%257C39%253A1%257C72%253A2696&_ipg=25&_trksid=p3911.c0.m14&_pgn=1
  11. All, Just wanted to put in a plug for Deker. I bought some of his W1 and after taking over 3 months to save up the money he still had it waiting for me and and gave me a big surprise when he mailed it out to me. I won't get into the details but it's people like him that remind me that this is the best country in the world because of the people living here. Greg
  12. I'm getting ready to build my first forge and would like to add a thermocouple and pyrometer. Were is the best place (and most cost effective) to get one. thanks g-
  13. I'm building a D Fogg vertical forge with a forced air burner, probably from 8"-12" diameter pipe (what height would you suggest). My main ? is what refractory would you suggest? It's going to be used mostly for damascus making. I was thinking of using a castable refractory to line it with thinking that it will stand up better to the flux and last longer, but it looks like it will be cheaper to line it with Inswool or similar. I'm really looking for the cheapest way because I'm a disabled war vet on a fixed income, the forge is just a play thing to help pass the time. I also realize that it may be better to spend a little more up front if it means lower fuel cost or longer liner life. So if you were building a new forge which would you use and why? Thanks all g-
  14. That helps a lot thanks g-
  15. gmerrell

    Rusty Cable?

    I picked up a piece of old 1 1/2" cable while out with my son this weekend. I have know idea if it's high carbon or not the individual wires are ~1/16" in diameter and is pretty rusty. My ? is can I weld it up with the rust or do I need to get rid of it first? And if I need to get rid of it is there an easier way than taking it apart and sanding or wire brushing it off? Thanks Greg
  16. sent PM let me know how much for a $10 box. Thanks Greg
  17. I also have a ? on the hamon, did you etch the blade at all to get it to show up so well? if so with what?
  18. Another quick ? can I weld up decent damascus without a press or air hammer? All I have is a hammer and a will to learn and create. I know it will be a lot more work but is it doable? thanks g-
  19. are you welding the quarters together first, or just stacking them up and heating-hitting-heating-hitting? This is great I can't wait to try it g-
  20. I'm just staring out (in fact I don't have my forge build yet) but I'm looking for someone in Colrado that knows what they are doing making damascus. I'd love the opportunity to spend a day or 2 learning from someone who's made the mistakes and can save me some heartache. IF you know of a hammer-in happening close to Co. please let me know. Thanks so much Greg
  21. Thanks all I'll go with a vertical one to start out thanks for all your input. g-
  22. I'm getting ready to build my first forge and would like some advice vertical or horizontal? I'm very new to forging, my main goal is to be able to make damascus with it. I was planning on building a forced air burner (any burner designs you have would be welcome). Original I was just going to go with a horizontal since I figured that if Don Fogg uses one it must be better, but would like to hear from some of you who use them all the time. Secondly if there are any smiths out there in Colorado how are making damascus and would be willing to put up with a babysmith for a day or 2 I'd really love the opportunity to learn from you. Thanks
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