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  1. Sweet lookin little blade! May it serve u well
  2. Hahahaha, Murphy's law man =[ Keep us posted on the work!!
  3. Our prayers are with ya, buddie! Amazing blade!! Awesome piece of craftmanship!!
  4. Nice work!! Good lookin forge, hope it works out well for ya!
  5. Bummer about dropping the puck into the water bucket =[ I keep my water bucket well away from my anvil and power hammer ( a lesson learned the hard way hahaha). NICE lookin stuff dude!!!!!!! Keep it up!!
  6. Im working on putting together a small video about japanese forge welding. It covers the forge, charcoal size and straw ash as a flux. In the video, I forge the billet down with my power hammer. Just waiting for my brother to get off his lazy a$$ and help me! Cheers!
  7. Thanks guys =] I'll try to upload a video tomorrow. Shot one today of me welding on the power hammer. Geoff, I purchased some new trailer springs. I had a couple laying around, but safety is no laughing matter. Figured I wouldnt go cheap on those hahaha.
  8. Greetings! I was in sore need of a power hammer. Where better to go than to google?? Found me some pics, and went for it. Many thanks to Geoff Keyes and Thomas van Krevelan for their help in answering my questions. I was initially bent on making an X1 Anvilfire type powerhammer, but chose the "Rusty" style instead. The anvil is some cut up railroad tracks (130 kg of it) and that was the best I could come up with. Boy does this thing pack a punch!! At 200 bpm and a 44 lb. ram, it outdoes my arm by far. It's a real BEAST. Worth every penny! 2 hp motor and a bunch of scrap iron and steel
  9. Due to the fact that I live in Brazil, all my ore comes from Minas Gerais. The hematite I smelt is anywhere from 60 to 65% iron. It's hard enough to crush even after roasting like Mark said...it's pretty tencious stuff. During the smelt, almost NO slag was tapped. I guess there just aint enough Si and other slag producing elements. The welding and consolidating went something according to what Mark has described. It's pretty darn stubborn. Maybe it's just me, but this stuff seems to weld at really high temps....and sometimes they dont even take! I use borax right from the get go since ther
  10. Good looking stuff man =]
  11. That's a mighty fine looking knife for a beginner =]
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