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  1. dropped off the face of the earth for a while and is finally crawling back on.

  2. It's a Zombie Straight Razor, sized for when you're in for a close shave! Also came to mind, "That's not a knife, this is a knife!"
  3. Thank you for the information! I'll be looking forward to your wip's in the future. ~Chris
  4. WIP is an acronym for 'Work In Progress.' WIP's a really great way for those of us less skilled in particular methods to see step-by-step how pieces from more skilled artists evolve and develop from start to finish. On the flip side someone trying out something new and posting a WIP is able to get better feedback on their processes, how they may be able to refine particular steps or what they may be able to work on to improve their work overall. Thanks for sharing you work, those are some amazing pieces. Could you maybe go into more detail on how you produced the rust finish on the guard; for example what you used to used to accelerate rusting on the piece (water, saline, peroxide?), what is used to rub the rust twice daily (sandpaper, cloth, polishing slurry?), and how you make your tannin bath (tea, oak leaves?) An even, deep, durable rust finish like that is a personal goal for me and any tips I can get will help me dial it in a little closer. Thanks again!
  5. That's got my vote! Or a nice beefy Kukri, such as: this one. If you got really motivated you could even do a really beautiful set complete with karda and chakmak (like this basic one.)
  6. Mmmm, stabby goodness.
  7. We're going to have to start calling you Thor with a hammer like that!
  8. Love it! That's a crazy nice hamon you got there too.
  9. I'm definitely no expert but maybe the black marks near the tip are alloy banding that developed during the multiple heats? Though looking really closely at the pictures I can see possible cracking so you may have hit it on the nose (no pun intended.)
  10. That's a real skinny looking blade, I like it. Seems like it would be very fast in the hand. It'll be fun to see it develop into final form. Thanks for sharing!
  11. I think the only way this could get any better is if this was a leaf-blade... but that's probably because I kinda have a thing for 'em. Definitely watching this topic!
  12. That'll be gorgeous! Keep us posted, WIP pics are always nice. *hint hint*
  13. Really, really wish I had $100 laying around for this one. I like it alot!
  14. That's a mean looking bowie. I like the curve of the edge and that's a beautiful piece of burl you found. Thanks for sharing!
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