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  1. I have never really liked folders. To me they sort of look out of place in the world and something that does not belong in the hand. The folder you have so skillfully created, does not fit in that category. I looks absolutely stunning! It has great lines that make it look ergonomic when many other folders seem blocky and obtrusive. The scales and finish turn the already organic look of the knife into something that not only belongs in the world but thrives in it. Great knife
  2. The candle holder was a culmination of various skills learned over the course of 3 days. First, we learned to taper to a square point. We the learned to taper to a round point. We then took those points and learned to bend them in to the hooks seen below. After this we learned to flatten with a visible step. This was incorporated into the hooks. The flatten portion was tapered. After this, we made a fork which I chose not to post since one of the tines on mine broke. We then made this candle holder in order to learn creativity. Originally it was supposed to have a round dish on the top but I suggested making it square instead. This was thought of very highly and several others adopted this style in their design. Being a bladesmith, I could not resist putting a knife of some sort on the piece so I made the feet knives. I twisted the metal into each bend and used a torch to create the spiral. Your critique is welcomed and I hope you like the piece because I had a tremendous amount of fun making it!
  3. I really like the sheath! It is beautiful but looks like something that can worn for a long time. Great work. I hope I can make sheaths like that one day.
  4. Beautiful. Gotta love that Hamon.
  5. This is a great site on making denim micarta it also has an article on how tough it is http://www.fendleyknives.com/micarta.htm http://www.fendleyknives.com/micarta_tough.htm You can find fiberglass resin at home depot or lowes
  6. I hope your attempt works out
  7. is ready for anything

  8. There are wood fillers at Home Depot made just for this occasion. Nice carving, I hope you can fix it.
  9. Forged from a cylindrical part of a car that spark tested to be high carbon steel so I'm guessing it is 5160. I will start the finishing process after christmas when I have a few more tools
  10. You should add a comparison picture with the artifact you reproduced, great job on the knife!
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