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  1. Thanks for the replies. The weird thing about this particular piece is that someone already did extensive soft solder work on it, and the solder matches so well that I thought it was modern welding. There really is no difference in the color. I was surprised when I had to normalize a crushed section (a rusted out and restored 600 year old helmet that got dropped) to even begin to bump it back out, and some bits fell out. I have already had some success for some restorations with tin-antimony solder, as it will take gun bluing, but it has a very slight greenish tint that is not quite right. Perhaps it was someone's custom alloy. Oh, and in this case the finish is bright, but even so, as you know, solder usually looks a bit off, rather like TIG rod tends to produce a noticeably different tint from polished mild steel.
  2. Hello, Gentlemen, I am not sure this is the right forum for this question, but I am wondering if anyone knows a good low temperature solder to join plain no alloy (except carbon, of course) steel to steel with minimum color difference. I am attempting to fill in a crack in an antique piece, for cosmetic reasons only, no strength in the joint required.
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