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    La Belle,Florida
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    Forging,Anything with an edge,Computers Hunting,Fishing,God,My wife and kids(not in any order) ( thats my ADD Kickin' in) Want to try making steel!
  1. Fred Crislip

    My latest

    Hi all, first time posting in a few years. This is my latest work, a hollow ground random pattern friction folder. Mocume gane bolsters and white gum burl handle slabs. Thanks for looking!
  2. Fred Crislip

    seax design (what... another one?!)

  3. Hey all, just starting one and wanted your advice, this is what I have this far, any comments?the blade is from an old 12 inch file. fred
  4. Fred Crislip

    ´THE RAVEN´- hommage à E.A.Poe

    stunning! I can say no more! Fred
  5. Fred Crislip

    Big ole bowie done!

    Miles, sweet! Love the whole package, looks really good! Fred
  6. So,whatever happened with this sword?
  7. Fred Crislip

    Pigeon Forge Smelt.

    very nicly done gentlemen! I always wondered how Pigeon Forge got its name, now I know.
  8. Fred Crislip

    A broadsax in the works

    Nice George! Following this with great interest! Fred
  9. Fred Crislip


    Walter, love the Hamon, wispy like steam coming off water! Very fine!
  10. Fred Crislip

    Bear Claw

    Real beauty Miles! Love the look! Fred
  11. Fred Crislip

    Multi-bar Seax w/ Carved Moose Antler & Blackwood

    Great job Dave! Very cool design! Wow Fred
  12. Fred Crislip

    What's your favorite handle wood?

    gotta love Zircote and Bacote (same family)I've got lots of both! For domestic black walnut and any figured maple!( I'm looking for a long piece of quilted big leaf for a special project now 36 inches +)
  13. Fred Crislip

    more LOTR inspired ideas

    Cool , boy that honey really gets around!
  14. Fred Crislip

    axe from claw hammer

    Nice one Kevin!
  15. Fred Crislip

    1084,burl handle,nickle silver with a wood sheath

    thanks Kip,it was a fun build!