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    shooting, archery, knife throwing, SCA heavy combat, flint knapping, hide tanning, Armorsmithing, bladesmithing, Blacksmithing, Silversmithing, Gunsmithing, bow making, Fletching, carpentry, masonry, Welding, Sculpting, Molding, Gaming “table top war-games, PC and console” "Book Binding" and Carving/ etching/ engraving and tooling in various mediums
    I like “Neolithic” “Tribal” “Medieval” “some Renascence” “most Japanese” “most Asian” “some Roman“ “a lot of Western European“ “a good deal of modern from all parts of the globe“ “Tacticool” “Steam Punk” “Zombie Tactical” “Post Apocalyptic” Designs. Pretty much if it’s quality in both form and function I like it..

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  1. wow, that is pretty close. haha

    so what kind of blades do you like?

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