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    shooting, archery, knife throwing, SCA heavy combat, flint knapping, hide tanning, Armorsmithing, bladesmithing, Blacksmithing, Silversmithing, Gunsmithing, bow making, Fletching, carpentry, masonry, Welding, Sculpting, Molding, Gaming “table top war-games, PC and console” "Book Binding" and Carving/ etching/ engraving and tooling in various mediums
    I like “Neolithic” “Tribal” “Medieval” “some Renascence” “most Japanese” “most Asian” “some Roman“ “a lot of Western European“ “a good deal of modern from all parts of the globe“ “Tacticool” “Steam Punk” “Zombie Tactical” “Post Apocalyptic” Designs. Pretty much if it’s quality in both form and function I like it..

About Me

Ok, this is going to be very long winded, I love many things…

So my name is Nathan Stoddard “supposedly our family surname comes from the responsibility of carrying the Heraldic Standard for “William the Bastard” A Stoddard was present at the Battle of Hastings, apparently a ancestor is depicted on the Bayeux Tapestry.” pretty cool, I think.

Well I have been into medieval/ Sword and sorcery ever since I can remember. My father used to take me to the Hog Town renaissance festival before I could walk and every yeah after, I grew up with Arthurian legend, Knights and damsels in distress. My Dad was a Buddhist when he was young and spent many years in a monastery temple so he introduced many worldly things to me growing up and luckily my mother offset and complimented the things I learned from my father.

My mothers side of the family are named Rehberg “ supposedly coming from a mountain they owned and lived on in Germany called Deer Mountain, they were land barons” so I got the benefit of two very interesting parents…an appreciation for art, form and function, color theory, philosophy, History, Science, food from many cultures, just so many things…I often find I don’t have enough time to do all the things I love.

I was formally trained in the “French European form of the culinary arts” at le cordon bleu but after working in the food service industry I defiantly decided I HATE serving the public, so I quit working for restaurants and now only cook for myself, family, friends and on occasion will cater for functions my friends are hosting, I’m always learning new things…“I love Asian food, I crave after sushi!”

So I went back to school and became certified in arc welding, mig and tig, I also love torch welding and braising. I have been collecting tools and literature on many forms of craft since I was around eight or nine, I have always wanted to make a living being an Armorer and weapon/ blacksmith and design everything I can think of. I love working with my hands and using my mind to create new things, apparently I’m a visual thinker lol go figure.

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