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  1. I love that first one its so warm and inviting, love it!
  2. thats such intresting work, I relly like the things you make ^^
  3. I love the shape of that knife, being a Chef im telling you, that thick back spine is awesome it totaly saves your hand after a long day. I used to use a Global and after a month or so I chucked it and picked up a old french chefs knife the back spine is like 7mm tapered to 3mm about 2" past the handel I rounded the edges and its a dream.
  4. those are such cool stories "very touching"
  5. omw, every time...this is just amazing work its breath taking
  6. Dave, how tall is the celling in your garage? it makes for a nice work space looks like 4 car?
  7. very cool, I love your work >_< that grip is fantastic...your leather work is my favorite
  8. I like alot of styles, check out my intrest section if you want some idea.

  9. yeah. I live in the orlando side of apopka.

  10. dude it has a carb on it...wicked
  11. Oh those are Gorgeous, gotta love nature
  12. OMG this thread is killing me, Im driping at the mouth...Im not just craving to see it finshed I "NEED" to see it completed
  13. man some of you guys just have such amazing talent and skill, blows my mind.
  14. charles that is some of the most beautiful craftsmanship I have ever seen by someone still living, I mean to say somthing thats not in a museum...it just blows me away.
  15. Thats just bad ass, amazing work, i got a kick out of the mill use
  16. Man that is the coolest freemasons ceremonial sword I have ever seen, here is the one I got from my grandfather when he died.
  17. man I know this is old stuff but its new for me, Im just always blown away by your style, carving and leather work Petr its just awe inspiring.
  18. Man Serge... I have alot of respect for what you can do, thats just awesome. your style of design is so clean and eligant
  19. Awesome, I would love to see this completed
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