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  1. MikeDT

    Celtic Iron 3

    I second that....mad mad ninja skill with a hammer! Thanks for posting the pics of your process - makes me realize I need a heck of a lot more time (years) with my hammer and anvil.
  2. MikeDT

    Todays grind

    "A BIT warm? "..... but it is a DRY heat Gary, I love the lines on the three largest ones on the right - very nice proportions.
  3. MikeDT

    Celtic Iron 3

    Very impressive work - I agree with Bruno, seeing some of your tooling you used would be nice.
  4. MikeDT

    New style of chefs knife for me

    Overall, a really nice piece. I agree with Shane, the micarta looks like wood - pretty cool.
  5. MikeDT

    WIP - A pair of dueling longswords

    Works of art as always! I would love to spar with those - I imagine that they handle really well.
  6. MikeDT

    Hell forges?

    Since we are talking Harbor Freight... and if you want to minimize welding.... buy the 5 gallon portable air tank ($30 max) and use that for the body. Minimal cutting and welding, solid insulation and coating, and you have a great forge that can handle a wide range of stuff. I agree with Alan about Hightemp tools burner. I put one in my home built forge (thank you cheapo Harbor Freight welder!) and with good insulation I can easily get it to forge welding temps... I even accidentally started to melt a hard fire brick I put in there as a sacrificial floor. For about $200 or so, you can build a great forge... look at all of the good designs fellow smiths have made and you can't go wrong.... just my 2 cents.
  7. MikeDT

    Three axes for the new year

    @ Stephen: Just keep working at improving your skills - and keep pushing yourself. I think everyone here would agree that we learn more from our failures than our successes. @Jim: You are braver than I to punch a 2"x 3/4" by hand, the 1 1/4" round bar was enough of a challenge for me.... I'll probably try again sometime down the road... when I am feeling masochistic!
  8. MikeDT

    WIP - A pair of dueling longswords

    Thanks Florian. I was wondering if the plates were welded onto a one piece, pierced cross guard. Your ability to take four pieces and weld them to look like one beautifully forged piece is seriously impressive - I always look forward to seeing your new work. Thanks.
  9. MikeDT

    Anothe saber blade + crossguard

    Elegant blade!
  10. MikeDT

    Recent Knives (Kitchen, Yakutian, and Puukko)

    Nice work, the puukko sheath really turned out nice. Thanks for sharing the Sakha (Yakut) knives - I never heard of them before....something else to add to my "gotta make it some day" list.
  11. MikeDT


    Nice job! I really like the pommel. What are the stats, steel, size, weight? Thanks for sharing.
  12. MikeDT

    Three axes for the new year

    You're welcome. I was afraid of the same thing with keeping the eye centered, so I went with a wrap. Did you slit or punch the eye?
  13. MikeDT

    WIP - A pair of dueling longswords

    Beautiful work as always! One question: For the crossbar, when you welded it together did you use 3 pieces or four? I am wondering how you managed the slot for the tang.
  14. MikeDT

    Two new knives

    Nice job on both, but I really like the first one!
  15. MikeDT

    Three axes for the new year

    Thanks for the kind words everyone, I appreciate it. @Jim After two failed attempts with larger stock attempting an asymmetrical eye, I cheated and did it in three pieces. A chunk of 1 1/2" x 3/4" for the cheeks/face, a 1/4" x 1 1/2" wrap for the eye, and a piece of 1075 for the bit.