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  1. MikeDT

    Chain damascus kitchen knife

    I really like the pattern and design.
  2. MikeDT

    Damascus Dagger

    Fairbairn–Sykes meets American frontier gentleman -I like it!
  3. MikeDT

    Flame Edge Serpent Seaxes

    Impressive work, well done. They all share a common unifying theme but each are unique - great symbolism for the wedding!
  4. MikeDT

    Completed Horse/Alligator Bowie

    While I am not typically a fan of bold pattern welding, that blade is absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful work!
  5. MikeDT

    Blackwood Damascus Traditional Hunter

    Everything works wonderfully together, well done.
  6. I referenced this once before, but thought I would add it here for those interested. It is a nice scholarly study on various vegetable oils for quenchants. Vegetable_Oil_Quenchants_Calculation_and_Compariso.pdf
  7. In profile, the handle shape is great, but like everyone else said, it is too thick. I too started with a 4x36 grinder, avoid aluminum oxide belts... they don't last compared to zirconium or other better abrasives. Better belts can be found online. They make a world of difference in getting everything smooth, flat, and even. I know this helped me improve the finish on my blades...... and don't rush it, short cuts always seemed to take me longer to fix. As for cutting a better fitting tang hole, I first used a blade something like this..... https://www.homedepot.com/p/Bosch-4-1-2-in-Progressor-High-Carbon-Steel-T-Shank-Jig-Saw-Blade-Set-for-Cutting-Wood-3-Pack-T234X3/100119348 I ground the tip of the spine into a gentle curve towards the teeth and then glued the tang end into a wood handle. After drilling one center hole on the knife handle blank, I would use this to slowly scrape a thin but wider slot. Many smiths here have made their own rifflers to enlarge the tang holes, but for a newbee my quick solution worked pretty well. Keep at it, you learn something from every blade. Great first knife.
  8. MikeDT

    Another Hussar saber 17th century

    Well done, great job on a well made thumb ring.
  9. MikeDT

    Bird and trout hunting WIP

    Looks like a good everyday user to take to the woods or lake/river. The tang wasn't hardened was it? I noticed you didn't predrill holes for pins. I did the "the tang shouldn't be too hard after quench if I don't fully submerge it in the oil" thing once.....after ruing two drill bits and trying to draw the temper out of just the tang, I went back to a full anneal and requench....but with the pin holes drilled prequench that time, live and learn (I think this is why I also prefer stick tangs!). Can't wait to see it all finished.
  10. MikeDT

    Some of my recent work

    Beautiful work - I really like the first one!
  11. MikeDT

    A few new bronzes.

    WOW!....just WOW!!! Museum quality
  12. MikeDT

    Sneak Peek, Opinions..

    Great hamon and overall shape, it is a beauty. As for the much discussed cord inlay, I agree with Brian D, that you can just reduce the thickness of the handle if the inlay isn't too deep, the handle seems just a tad thick IMHO (not that my opinion is worth much). Of course, I tend to favor slimmer handles fro my own personal use knives. Whatever you decide to do with it, I think it is a great knife.
  13. MikeDT

    Out of the box for me

    Awesome Geoff! I thought the same thing as you and Justin - a more acute edge for "soft" targets, more obtuse for ice and such. Your thought for all aspects of tasks and execution seem pretty close to perfect. Hope to see it go all the way on the show.
  14. MikeDT

    Reindeer and Steel

    I agree with Ross and Wes, very nice, clean lines and good proportions. A beautiful knife to carry with you in the woods.
  15. MikeDT

    L6 and micarta

    I agree with Joël, the knife shouts, "use me, I can take anything". It reminds me of a personal fighting knife of WWI/WWII era, nice work.