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  1. Very nice overall and the file work adds a really nice touch!
  2. Very nice, it looks like an ideal knife to take on a hunt!
  3. Brian, definitely impressive work for your 2nd and 3rd attempts - very clean and precise looking... as well as attractive over all. While I have made friction folders before, I have never tackled a slip joint. Looking at Steve Culver's website tutorials he uses some high end equipment. From what I have read, making decent slip joints seem to necessitate precision equipment and has thus delayed me taking the plunge. I don't believe that lacking fancy equipment prevents one from making good knives (overwhelming evidence of this by many talented smiths), but precision equipment seem to be pretty common for making quality folders. Brian, is Steve's book helpful if you are limited to a grinder and drill press as the most high end equipment in your shop? Is there a good book out there that shows how to make good slip joints without anything fancier than a drill press?
  4. Bummer, the profile looks good however. Without forging a specific pair of tongs for that axe, would using flat tongs to hold the eye while you draw down the taper work? Good luck with it!
  5. Alan said it best - holy crap that is sweet!
  6. Nice job, can't wait to see them finished.
  7. Those will be some knives with some heft to them! As for the edge, as it is often stated, depends of what they will be used for as well as your customer's preference. With the mass in the blade from the stock size you are using and its length (I'm assuming around a 5" blade length), I personally would do a full flat grind and either a small secondary bevel or a thin convex grind (nearly flat, but not - if that makes sense).
  8. Elegant, useful, stunning - well done!
  9. From my perspective, it looks like the edge on the top (in the photo - side of platten when installed) has two distinct areas that seem notched and sharp. Like others have said, round the top and bottom edges but I also make sure the sides of my platten are not only perfectly straight and smooth, but also very slightly rounded, your one side looks rough. Maybe that is part of the issue????
  10. Overall, very nice EDC. I like the inlay, very clean and tight fit!
  11. Congrats and beautiful ring!
  12. Beautiful! Interesting pattern.
  13. Critique, he!!, that is one beautiful knife! Flawless!
  14. The one with stag scales turned out really nice. Growing up in the 70s, about half of the boys still carried knives. Now, when I ask students, only 1 or two still carry them (outside of school of course ). I still have a small pen knife my grandmother gave me - a cherished treasure. I say make several small ones - that way more friends and family can share in the memories.
  15. Very nice, I love how well you do the horn bolsters.
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