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  1. MikeDT

    Kitchen Sword

    Blade dimensions make me think of a machete.... one fancy machete. I like the aggressive blade shape, the boxy handle not my personal favorite. Overall, nice job.
  2. MikeDT

    San mai blade

    When forge welding, I always try to make the materials match as tight as possible. However, those with more experience will give better advice. Personally, I would heat the pieces back up and lightly tap them flat and flush (the one end seems to be the area I would be most concerned about, the rest appears to match closely), light grind and clean the surfaces, tack weld them and only then forge weld the three pieces. Any reason the one bar is so much shorter?
  3. MikeDT

    Burning in a tang?

    I made this one years ago and I still use it from time to time. I used a larger jig saw blade with aggressive teeth. I ground down the tip to fit into a pilot hole and go from there - it cuts quick and keeps the tang hole narrow. Blade is a little over 3". I made this in about 15 minutes....faster that making a broach.
  4. MikeDT

    Chef's knife - Bronze and ironwood

    Looks like it will balance nicely. What wood is the handle? It goes well with the brass.
  5. MikeDT

    Forge-finished finery, bush swords, etc.

    Nice work as always - I really like the oxtail, something about the design just seems right. Your ability to get such tight and neat knots on the handle wraps is impressive.
  6. MikeDT

    Practicing the bearded axe

    Great work - even if you weren't shooting for that exact design, it looks amazing.
  7. MikeDT

    boring axe-stuff...

    Finish.... absolutely.... you can't just tease us with such a great start and not finish it..... helve and all
  8. MikeDT

    boring axe-stuff...

    No such thing as boring axe stuff! It is looking great so far, nice work!
  9. MikeDT

    4" EDC hidden tang

    Looks like a solid every day user - good job.
  10. MikeDT

    Sharpening Tips & Tricks

    I've always found Schola Gladiatoria/Matt Easton, really solid in their work. Fine edge vs. toothy edge, it may come down to personal preference or more likely how (on what) you plan to use the sword, just like knives we make today.
  11. MikeDT

    A pair of kitchen blades(pic heavy)

    Beautiful work! I like the geometry on the bolsters. The fit is perfect. Well done!
  12. MikeDT

    Small Santoku-ish For The Mrs.

    I think it turned out really nice.
  13. MikeDT

    Sharpening Tips & Tricks

    For European sword sharpening, Michael Edelson has a good book (Cutting with the Medieval Sword) with a detailed section on sharpening. He uses a 1x30 slack belt, sharpening up to 2000 grit and finishing on a board or leather up to 4000 grit.
  14. I really like the outline and dimensions of the pocket rangers - can't wait to see them finished!
  15. MikeDT

    Sierra Sidekicks

    Very clean and crisp - I really like the wenge. Nice work.