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  1. MikeDT

    Offset tongs

    Thanks Will and Rob. The offset isn't perfect, but it does allow longer tangs to be easier to deal with. It handles 1/2" to 1" stock really well. I'll have to make another one to handle wider stock, but usually if I am using wider stock I typically use a long stock piece and form the tang first, so these work for most of what I forge.
  2. I haven't had much time to get in the forge the past month or two so this project was a little bit here, a little bit there and I finally finished it today. Not a flawless forging, but they operate smoothly and hold like a bear trap, so I'm happy. I started with 3/8" x 1" 1018, worked it down by hand, rein length is 14". I was never happy with my round stock blade tongs so I can't wait to use these.....now just to find the time
  3. That weight and face size seems pretty perfect to me....I may have to steal those dimensions when I get around to making mine one of these days.
  4. Very cool, another beauty!
  5. Nicely done. What are the measurements and weight?
  6. ....what Alan said! Well done!
  7. Knife and sheath are both awesome!
  8. Khukuri meets bill hook..... and the vines shall tremble.
  9. Love the handle and well done overall.
  10. What everyone else said... work of art, stunning, love it.... Truly a masterfully executed, harmonious, and tastefully done piece.
  11. ... traditionally hammer it straight cold... accompanied by some single malt to calm the nerves! Is it hammered after tempering? I can't imagine tap, tap, tapping a warp out of a just quenched blade - that narrow window where some people fix warps right after a quench before the blade cools too much is a thing to make me cringe - haven't done it, wouldn't want to try.
  12. They look great, you would never know they were fixes for an initial failure. I like them both!
  13. Joël, thanks for the info. A kata-ha blade should be a fun project. Preventing/controlling the warp should be fun as well. Ni Mai billets, when they warp, does the high carbon steel get a concave warp, or does the mild side develop a concave warp? That steel looks like one I'll eventually have to add to my list.... those are some pretty impressive specs you are getting.
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