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  1. MikeDT

    First Scottish Dirk

    Great job! It doesn't look like a first time attempt at all - everything turned out really well.
  2. MikeDT

    Pattern welded sword - some WIP pictures

    Very inspirational, can't wait to see it finished!
  3. MikeDT

    Celtic iron.

    I love the detail on the Hiebmesser and I really like the long spear. Beautiful work as always.
  4. MikeDT

    Cocobolo Fighter

    Nice job, it has something of a mountain man vibe to me.
  5. MikeDT

    Lady in Black - XVIII single hander

    She is a beauty, well done!
  6. MikeDT

    Tim Jackson

    Tim, when I said bomb proof, I meant a solid, can handle anything thrown at it, strong design.... it was meant as a compliment. I haven't tried to tackle an integral yet, so my hat off to you!
  7. MikeDT

    Mini Bowie

    Did you grind off the rasp's teeth before forging?
  8. MikeDT

    Completed Canoe Mosaic Fighter

  9. MikeDT

    Help! Can I use this old things to forge?

    Another option for your vises is to go over them with a wire brush and then oil them. I restored an old leg vise with some wire brushing and a few coats of boiled linseed oil.
  10. MikeDT

    Small skinner wip

    Looking good so far. It should look nice when it is finished.
  11. MikeDT

    Tim Jackson

    Those look like some really bomb proof knives!
  12. MikeDT

    Damascus kitchen knife

    Wow, well done!
  13. MikeDT

    sneak peek

    That is a very nice piece. Everything seems to work in harmony.
  14. MikeDT

    Some of my more recent work.

    Brian makes a very good point, I too find myself nitpicking flaws in my blades, but this helps me to improve (and I have a LOT of improving to do). I also like the camp knife - the profile is really nice, a knife that says, "use me, I can handle it".
  15. MikeDT

    weapon names and styles

    This is just one reason why I love bladesmithing - it forces you to research new blades, new histories, new techniques, new steels.... I would suggest to start with an era and a region that you find more interesting and start reading about the blades they used OR next time you see a blade that catches your eye and you say "I'd love to make something like that", find out what it is called and then research it. Once you start, I find it kind of addicting to keep researching.... of course I am a history geek at heart.