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  1. here is the 3rd feder shot that didn't upload the first time
  2. I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to visit the military museum in Paris a few weeks ago and took many photos. Here are a few that hit a wide range of interests and where the photo wasn't too crappy. An old phone camera and limited time wasn't the best combo for photography. I found the feder interesting and tried to get a shot to show distal taper, though it didn't turn out ideally. I hope you find these interesting.
  3. Very nice! I like how everything flows nicely.
  4. My vote is mustard patina and a medium dark aqua fortis stain with brass pins. It comes down to what you and/or your boss wants - some prefer darker scales and some like them light.
  5. Great lines, fit and finish is perfect as always - you nailed another one!
  6. Very nice, nice job!
  7. Nice! The shape is great and everything flows nicely. Two days ago I fired up the forge to make better tongs and at 90 with only 60% humidity - two hours later I has half dead and 20lbs lighter....... Can't wait to see the next one Josh!
  8. Holy mother of God, that is a truly astounding piece! The ballock dagger I have been working on and off for the past few months is laughable by comparison.... no, it can't even be compared, yours is a true master piece!
  9. Another masterpiece as always - beautiful work. The two of you have really blended myth and reality in this one!
  10. Personally, I would save the spalted maple to really make a regular sized (3"-10") blade really stand out and just cut the pieces to typical knife handle sizes. Making historic swords (European or Asain) typically means that the handle wood is covered with some sort of wrap (leather, wire, ray skin, cord wrap, etc) so using spalted maple would be a waste. If you already have in mind some creation in your head for a sword where a spalted maple handle would add to the overall design, go for it. Just my 2 cents. As for finding larger pieces of spalted maple in the future, just google "spalted maple bowl blanks" and you will find large pieces at relatively reasonable prices.
  11. The knife turned out really well and the polish on it looks great.
  12. Very nice Allen - I hope my first one turns out half as good as yours. Steve Culver's book came in two days ago and I have read it four times already. I am sure colorful language will also be a part of my first build!
  13. Excellent final product - you have taken mustard patination to an artistic level!
  14. Very nice overall and the file work adds a really nice touch!
  15. Very nice, it looks like an ideal knife to take on a hunt!
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