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  1. Absolutely beautiful.
  2. Thank you dudes, it will be getting a very fancy scabbard... one day. I'm going on a carving course soon
  3. It has often been said by people who know me that I'm frequently "away with the Faeries" or "off with the Pixies", well it's not true. They were Elves. And whilst in their realm I have learned many things about Elfin arts, crafts, and magics, so I thought I'd share my latest creation with you, the good people of these forums. I forged the blade from a special type of Elven steel called something like "O' wuntulstiil" (*1) which was quite a mild and forgiving steel as it goes. The Ent Burl (*2) came from a good friend of mine who lives in some local woods. He's quite gnarly, but his bark is worse than his bite, quite a bit worse actually as he asked me to help remove an annoying little growth which had been causing the poor thing no end of grief. I got to keep it, and it really is quite magical. The Mithrill (*3) was something else, it took 9 Dragons, working in shifts of 3 at a time, just to get the forge up to heat. One of the Dragons very kindly let me have a few drops of its blood, which as you can see, etched it quite deeply. I like the images formed by the random patters in the bolster and their reflections in the blade, like those ink-blot pictures... the one on the left looks a bit like an Owl to me, the one on the right looks like a smoke-sprite... I wonder what that says about "my personality"... The two spacers either side of the Unicorn Horn (*4) are made from Elven-Silver coins. And as for how I got hold of some Unicorn horn, well, don't even ask, you'd never believe me... This is my 4th finished knife, the blade is the first blade I forged, in December 2009 on Owen Bush's Bladesmithing course. So it's only taken me a year or so, well a year for the idea and materials (and tools etc) to come together. I'd like to make a fancy scabbard with carvings and silverwork one day... Notes *1 - in this realm, that would be 01 *2 - Marble Eucalyptus. Pretty gorgeous wood, it's quite dense, but at the same time quite light. Strange stuff. *3 - 24 layers of EN42 and 15N20, *4 - A piece of Antler from a rare species of Deer called Pere Davids' Deer, which only live at Woburn Abbey, I got this sent to me from Harris_Hunter 7(on British Blades) when I asked if he had any spacer-size bits of nice wood lying around. A nice surprise! OAL - 13" (325 mm) Blade - 7 1/4" (184 mm) Steel - 01 Tool steel Wood - Marble Eucalyptus Horn - Pere Davids' Deer Antler Bolster - 24 layer EN42 and 15N20 Spacers - Two circular pieces of mild steel/Nickel, together worth... oh, about 20p... Enchantments - Detect Creature, Detect Enchantment, Turn Undead (up to level 9)
  4. Well I've seen one just as gnarly, albeit in a Prog stylee...
  5. Thanks all for your comments, Dave - ah yes, the grind... well it started off, would you believe, as a convex grind, but over the time it has taken to finish I've polished and re-polished it a few times to remove scratches... and I think I've managed to turn it into an almost flat grind I don't have a belt grinder so it's all done by hand(well, fingertips)... and as for the secondary bevel, that is just done with sharpening stones. I just wanted to get it sharp... ... I have plenty to learn... Happy new year by the way!
  6. Hello people, Just finished my third knife, it's my first try at making a full-tang blade, I started it in July at a Hammer-in I went to here in merrie olde England... Blade Steel - An old file - W2? Scales - Olive Wood Brass Liners Home-made Brass Mosaic Pins OAL - 10 3/4 inches (275mm) Blade Length - 6 1/2 inches (160mm) Blade Thickness - 3.5mm tapering to 1mm It's also the subject of my first W.I.P, which I posted on the British Blades forums, and is at the other end of this here link: http://www.britishblades.com/forums/showthread.php?111523-My-first-W.I.P.-Third-blade-*-Finished!-Finally!-Yay!-* There's pictures, animations, even a short film featuring our Cat... I recommend it edit: can't get the link to work
  7. To me they look more like Fire Sprites than demons... maybe they are Salamanders... They're beautiful, whatever they are
  8. I posted about this on the British Blades forums the other day, someone on there has seen the sword in question "Wiltshire, west of London" hmmm, in the same way that America is west of London...
  9. That's amazing John! I'd like to make something like that, you know, when/if I grow up...
  10. A very good question. I'm a beginner, been learning for about 8 months now, and I'm always asking myself that question. So far, I still don't really know why... I come up with a new reason every day, but really, something is driving me, something deep seated, and I'm not sure what it is. Maybe I'll find out on the way, maybe I'll never know... I do know that I have an inquisitive mind and that I love learning things, and there's plenty to learn about bladesmithing (there's a slight understatement for you...) It's something I've always wanted to do, since the age of about 7... and I'm still 7 in my heart... I don't believe in grown-ups What about the Magic of turning a lump of rock into a Sword?
  11. That's gorgeous, I love the Mokume - how did you make that?
  12. Thanks dudes Jamie - cheers, I finished the Walnut with a couple of soaks in Danish oil with a 400 grit sanding between, then some 0000 wire wool and a couple of coats of Beeswax. Then I sharpened the blade, after which the lustre had gone a bit, so some more wire wool and a final Beeswax.
  13. Hello all, this here's my second finished blade, made under the tuition of Owen Bush, and much help and advice from a few the dudes on the British Blades forum... Back - EN42 and 15N20 12 layer alternate twist chevron Edge - CS80V Brass Bolster Walnut Handle OAL: 11" (280mm) Blade: 6 1/4" (160mm) This is actually the third blade I've forged, but it's the second properly finished one. It started life back in January on the Damascus course I did with Owen, which I wrote about HERE ...when I first joined BB. Back then the only tools I had were a drill and a few files, so not much happened for a while, so I took it along to the April Bushfire forge-in and got it heat-treated (with the help of a few of you...) and roughly ground, ready for finishing at home. I also got some nice Walnut in a swap wth Jamiemackie. A few months of gathering tools and materials, and two handles and three bolsters later, I finally finished it. The blade has a slight warp, but rather than attempt to correct it and risk breakage I decided to leave it as is so it's... er... got character. Again, this has been a real learning experience, I've really enjoyed working with various woods, and I feel that I'm making progress, it's slow but it's definately progress, and seeing it finished and sharpened and ready to be a useful thing has given me mucho encouragement. I do need to learn a lot more about sharpening and finishing, oh, and making a sheath...
  14. Thanks for the comments, people... and thanks to jdsmith for some good advice - I had an idea of what an old dagger should look like in my mind, I did no drawings beforehand, it just kind of evolved... the handle and guard started off a lot bigger, I just sanded them down untill they looked sort of "right"... I'll be doing lots of looking and drawing for my next one!
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