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  1. Just to update everyone... I got it for $35.00 CDN so I think for 100lbs of Anvil, despite the shape it is in, its not a bad start. now I just need to obtain the gas hose to connect my burner(s) to the propane tank and assemble the forge and I'm good to go ..... so close I can taste it... and I'm growing a beard.... seems like the right thing to do -W.
  2. Welcome James! Nice first blades! Very lucky man to live near Owen . Best of luck getting your forge going and welcome to a great resource here. Cheers, Will
  3. wow nice job Hogan, I hope by my fourth knife it looks so good! Sadly I can't offer any critique as a result but I think it looks good! Keep at it! Cheers, -W.
  4. Cool. That is exactly what I hope to be able to do with my anvil (when I get it) as well for the same reason. Thanks for the benefit of seeing such a well organized shop. plenty of ideas Looks like for now I'll need to move all my handle materials inside since I don't heat my garage right now. . Do you open the garage door for ventilation when forging? I also like the snap-on chair, but the idea of a beer in Thailand even more! -W.
  5. Oh, one other question since I'm at it... do you keep your shop at a constant temp. 24x7, otherwise how does your handle stuff manage with the colder/fluctuating temps you get in Alaska? Just wondering for my own purposes. -W.
  6. I just tossed a pair of those style goggles I had picked up when living in Germany, they were a bit too rusted out. -W.
  7. Awesome stuff Dave! Maybe oneday I'll get there . What are you thinking of using for the dust collection system you mentioned early in the thread or are you just gonna rely on the Grizzly? I just spent the day cleaning up the garage (shop) and been thinking about where I will do the forging and hammering. probably in the middle like you have it I think after seeing your tour. How do you have the anvil secured to the floor, or do you? I need to overcome the conundrum that our single car garage also needs to keep the SUV out of the winter weather here. Cheers, Will
  8. indentation is about 1mm deep according to my friend's information. Dunno if that helps
  9. Ok, I'm going to try and get it then. Thanks guys! Any advice on the Hardy Hole? Should I just make some kind of makeshift one or try and fix that one somehow? Cheers, Will
  10. Thanks for the advice Dave. I don't anticipate it would be too much at all. (How's the weather up there? ) Cheers, Will
  11. What do you think the indentation could be used for? (remember I'm pretty newb, I understand most terms but not neccesarily all the potential uses of "features" ) Do you think even if it is a little "soft" (I can't tell and my friend didn't have a ball bearing)it would still be good to use as a starter? Thanks for the reply blacklion -W.
  12. A belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all! Cheers, Will
  13. Hi All, as I mentioned in my intro post I'm a total newb when it comes to smithing and bladesmithing. I'm in the process of getting everything together to start forging and learning. At the moment I have a foot of rail that I wanted to turn into an anvil but a friend of mine discovered this in his parents garage and I may be able to grab it on the cheap. Looks pretty beat up. Any advice? Its likely my only chance to get anything, even in bad shape of this weight. He tells me other than the indent on the face it is relatively smooth. Hardy hole has been busted off somehow as well. Thanks for any input! Cheers, Will
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