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  1. I've been considering a forge rebuild for a while now, and I've been tempted to convert to venturi. The problem I have to consider is elevation. I live at 7000' up in the mountains of Northeast AZ, and I worry that a venturi just won't suck enough air into the system for the kind of heat I want. I see these guys with air control valves on their burners and idly wonder what it must be like to have that much air available. Nice to see some guys from Arizona on here.
  2. I remember reading an article years ago about Michael Bell at Dragonfly Forge using electrolytic sponge iron in his oroshigane process to make his own tamahagane. I remember the article talking about combining it with a measured amount of carbon and sand (i think, or crushed glass) in a crucible and sticking in the forge to bake. Anyone ever worked with electrolytic sponge iron? It is chemically pure iron, apparently available in various grain sizes. Have no idea where to get some to play with, but... thought I'd throw it out there.
  3. That's awesome! The crap cartoons my kids watch these days have got nothing on stuff like that. Entertaining and educational? What the heck? Now, I gotta go back and examine that hammering technique. I think I can see where mine could improve through emulation...
  4. Ah Lee. That's hilarious. Neat stuff Todd! Wish more teachers took this kind of interest and maybe more students would reciprocate.
  5. Mark, Just read the relevant sections of the mines book you linked to. Turns out there is a source near the Lyman Lake reservoir only 9 miles from Springerville, where I live. Had no idea. Thank you for that wonderful information! I have followed many of your posts and learned much from them. Thank you so much for the guidance.
  6. This question is mainly posited toward the guys that have been doing this for a while, but feel free to chime in even if you haven't! Where would you start with this whole iron smelting thing if you were starting today and had this forum (and other sites by it's members) to work from? I have read through this forum a dozen times, as well as through the old B&B pins and have followed most of the links provided by our very knowledgeable members and have generally perused through a vast wealth of information. At this point, I'm full of theoretical knowledge, but no experience. This le
  7. Yeah, finding good coal around here is like looking for those big wrought iron ships chain links. Just not gonna have lots of luck. He saw me running my forge and really seemed to dig it, so I'm thinking we'll stick with gas. Thanks again for everyones input.
  8. You know, that first one looks exactly like the one in Yoshindo Yoshihara's shop in the book "The Craft of the Japanese Sword"
  9. So, forging, yes... Welding, maybe not so much. Ok. I'll let the guy know. I don't know if he's interested in welding eventually or not. Thanks for the info guys, knew I could count on this board.
  10. Hello everyone. I've been lurking on this site for years. Finally signed up for an account a while back. Mainly I've just been mimicking a sponge. ;-) there is so much to learn. When I stumbled across Don's site many years ago I was looking to get into bladesmithing and built his vertical forge featured on his site. It has worked great for years and has been invaluable as a tool to learn with. However, I'm looking to build a forge for a friend that would like to try his hand at making sharp stuff. My forge is fed with a blower, almost an exact copy of Don's. But I wonder about building a
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