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  1. Hi everyone, I come to you with a little problem. The guy I was renting my forging space from decided to raise the rent to 400% and I can't afford it. I was hoping that any of you have a contact to pass over who might be able to rent a place or a space in the Tampa Bay Area. Mainly forging and welding, I have enough space in my garage for grinding, fabricating and assembling operations. Thank you in advance Francesco
  2. I like your choice of a "different" kind of seax. I put in into quote marks because when I went to the Germanische Museum in Nuremberg, those were the most common shapes... in any size. And I think you did an incredible job with the carving, flame maple and ebony are really bastard and chippy. Maybe a little rounding on the edges to give it a more 3d effect but the ensemble is awesome!
  3. Awesome job. I like the Japanese influence on a Nordic design. I am sorry I did not have the time to post those picture, nor even touch my sheath for what that matters... I will try to open another thread for that, so I won't bother yours. Again, beautiful job.
  4. I will try and take pics tomorrow morning as I am making a sheath in these days. I am not a good "stitcher", by all means, and it takes years of practice to perform a well executed stitch, but I can share the little that I can do. Anyway, once you master that technique, the stitching looks very professional and it is also incredibly strong...
  5. Have you ever tried glueing all together, then marking the holes and then punching them with an diamond cross awl, on 45° angle? This would give you a very attractive zig-zag stitching. Just a different point of view. Awesome jobe and thanks for sharing
  6. Are you using a round awl to punch the holes for the stitch?
  7. The carving in the antler on the sheath (I hope I am not mistaken) is beautiful but the embossed face in the leather caught my eye. Do you have any pic of the process which led to that result? And, any ideao of the timeframe for the cast of the pommel? I can't wait to see it finished!
  8. Holy Mother of Odin, king of all Gods... and I'll throw in Zeus to, just for some back up... Petr, your work is awesome!
  9. I followed every single step of this build. Once again, you step up from your own best. I take my hat off and salute you. My words cannot make justice so I will just bow my head.
  10. I friend of mine just went on vacation to the North of the World (from Italy) and in a flea market he purchased a couple of those in the first picture of the thread. Exactly like those. The natuves called them Ulu. Probably they used to make different kinds of those tools depending on the use...
  11. Holy smokes. I wantes to make a sidesword with a similar hilt, now I am kind of scared... Awesome job!
  12. Beautiful project. Looking forward to seeing it nice and ground...
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