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  1. KITH drawing results!

    Noooooo, I missed the previous thread! I thought it was all done from the first listing thread... aaaahhhrrrgg...
  2. KITH 2017 Kitchen Knife >6" Blade Any Material

    Uhm... i will do a classic double bevel, just to be sure
  3. KITH 2017 Kitchen Knife >6" Blade Any Material

    Anyone left handed, before I start a japanese traditional single bevel?
  4. KITH 2017 Kitchen Knife >6" Blade Any Material

    That will work for me. Let's see if JS thinks!
  5. KITH 2017 Kitchen Knife >6" Blade Any Material

    Holy moly, i totally remembered it wrong! I thought it was for July 30th instead it's for June! I definitively need an extension! Sorry guys, I promise next time i will pay more attention!
  6. KITH 2017 Kitchen Knife >6" Blade Any Material

    I think I should be able to finish in time, as my knife is forged. However, if more people need an extension, that would work for me too...
  7. Ballock Dagger WIP

    The "thunk" you might have heard was my jaw hitting the floor...
  8. Ballock Dagger WIP

    The more I look at this post, the more I fall in your awe. Great job, Master Johnsson. I don't know if I already asked this, but, would you mind doing a wip, one day, about the construction of an eared dagger? I was never able to see one upclose so I can't figure out the construction methods... Thank you again for this thread.
  9. Ballock Dagger WIP

    That is very true. The gates are always the problems. Think about all the trouble to pass the gates to Heaven! Anyway, I am still looking forward to seeing this finished, I am a big fan of Ballock daggers, I used to wear one myself on my 1400 costume during reenactments and duels.... One question, have you ever studied an original "Ears Dagger"? I cannot find decent pictures of originals from which make a proper philological design...
  10. I want to see your Hamon

    Guys, try to use a white sheet of paper big enough to cover the blade from 4 or 5 feet high, let's say 16x20. When you are trying to take a picture hold the sheet over the blade until you see it's reflection all over the blade. That will give the blade a neutral look instead of all the glare and reflection that make hard to enhance details such hamons
  11. KITH 2017 Kitchen Knife >6" Blade Any Material

    1. Brian Dougherty 2. Timothy Artymko 3. Doug Crawford 4. JJ Simon 5. Scott Wright 6. Wesley Alberson 7. Robert Dowse 8. Kevin Hopkins 9. George Ezell 10. Michael Lenaghan 11. Dan Bourlotos 12. Aiden Carley-Clopton 13. Mike Andriacco ​14. Emiliano Carrillo 15. Francesco Muci
  12. Ballock Dagger WIP

    I love it and I love your research. I once wanted to make an ears dagger so I requested to study an original from the museum of Castel Sant'Angelo, in Rome (which, btw, was and is in storage, in a crate, along with a lot of other beautiful pieces) and they laughed in my face. What a sad place Italy is. Anyway, awsome work, as always!
  13. Santa Dagger

    Omg, it's so freaking cute!
  14. Can't find "hammering" guide

    I agree. I had to get the pdfs when I was in Italy because such books are simply impossible to find there and most companies don't accept payment from Otaly nor ship to Italy. Beside the pleasure of having a real book, it is much easier to study on paper than on pdf, in my opinion
  15. Playing with Handle Materials

    Thank you for the useful tip!