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    Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA
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    Climbing, violin making/restoring, history, medieval reenactment, leatherworking, traveling, rhum and Scottish Scotch Whiskey (especially from the Skye Island), making stuff by hand in general...

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I am a Luthier (violin maker/restorer) and hobbyist bladesmith since about 2006. Unfortunately I never had a real Master, someone to rely on when I have questions or I mess things up. Therefore, I am very inclined to listen/read criticism, positive or negative it may be, if posed in a constructive way. I like exchanging knowledge and forge with other people, especially if better smiths than me, so I can grow as a blabesmith. Therefore, feel free to contact me if you are in my area and feel like having a beer around fire and steel. Beer is on me! Cheers!

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