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  1. holy cow that's an awesome pic how'd you shoot that?
  2. Awesome stuff for a first sword looks a heck of alot better than my first sword keep up the good work
  3. It's like something out of one of those fantasy movies awesome
  4. extremely sweet and fantastically well done [ylsuper]
  5. simply amazing i like the indian theme even though its non traditional it seems to go with the blade the flow of the blade is awesome too i always like looking at others work because it gives me something to aspire to excellent work
  6. i guess possibly the carving could be done similar to how you would carve wood
  7. most of the time i just do a search in google.com although you have to be precise for what you're looking for here are some sites i've found some good info on this is a good basis for nihonto info http://www.hi-net.zaq.ne.jp/osaru/e_midokoro.htm this has alot of links to good sites http://www.swordsofjapan.com/Links.htm theres also the japanese sword index, and this is a interesting site about tsuba http://home.earthlink.net/~jggilbert/tsuba.htm
  8. "I think it is important to contemplate weapons in the same way that a martial artist studies fighting so he doesn't have to fight." Therein lies the answer. Now if everybody could learn and understand that...
  9. i believe some tsuba were laquered to protect them i looked around and found a couple atricles on the net this is a sanmai plate that was covered with black laquer i'm sure fittings would have been laquered to protect them and nice work by the way
  10. i love the use of empty space
  11. his work is magnificent certainly inspiring
  12. but of course that bomber is "a marvel of modern technology" its supposed to " reduce the the number of casualties and collateral damage with precision strikes"
  13. too true in this day an age, for the populous it's hard to fathom why one would even care to take up an odd craft let alone bladesmithing. I believe it is because be they knives or swords they are still potential weapons when it comes down to it, even though us bladesmiths see them as works of art. Also i believe people fear what they dont' fully understand and it's easy to dismiss a guy that makes blades in the 21st century a lunactic It is really quite puzzling that somethings that are so beautiful can be used for such destruction.
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