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  1. Here are some pics of the back of the sheath.
  2. Thanks! This project pushed some of my boundaries for sure. Yes, the seam is up the back. Regrettably I dont have an image of that, this thing walked out of my shop 15 minutes after I finished it.
  3. Here is a closer look at the file work on the spine.
  4. A few years back a friend of mine visited a special place (to him) in Scotland. While there he found the butt end of an antler drop. It was a bit rotten, chewed up and mushy. Of course he picked it up and brought it home. Here is the result. I had to extend the length of the antler end so I used a bit of ebony. The blade is 1084, the sheath is good old veggie tan colored by vinagroon.
  5. Well, its been another while but here is the finished product. I am happy with it.
  6. The only way to get better at drawing is to draw. Good luck.
  7. I really, REALLY enjoy drawing so my response is biased. I draw almost everything I make these days, and lots of things I will never make. I think I save on material cost because when I draw, in my head I am also building it, exposing myself to various issues and challenges of the project. Obviously I can't see all the potential problems but I find I have a much higher level of confidence when I start on something conceptually. I draw full scale line drawings with exploded views when needed. I start with pencil and I draw everything almost like I am actually making the thing on the page. T
  8. the core drill idea is just fantastic. Bloody brilliant.
  9. What a remarkably generous offer, Dave. Just brilliant.
  10. A great thread indeed! Thanks to all involved.
  11. Generally this sort of thing does nothing for me but I am a huge sucker for red and black. Superb craftsmanship too. If I had a pistol, and wanted a rig for it, it would certainly be along these lines.
  12. what a great idea. If i had the time and tooling, this would be fun as hell. Good luck!!
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