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  1. Dave Leppo

    Viking Sword

    I just came acros this and it's actually dated to the time of Canute. The hilt is so ornate that I can't find specs. on the metalurgy of the blade. Google "langeid sword" found in 2011
  2. http://gizmodo.com/hey-did-you-know-bob-dylan-is-a-steampunk-metalworker-1462363371 seems he's mostly welding sculptural gates from recycled scrap, but he's shown using a gas forge to twist a bar in a photo.
  3. Saw this last night, great job, Ric, for Both forging skill and showmanship! http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/ancient/secrets-viking-sword.html
  4. guys take another look at post #45 third photo. The guard is flat in side profile, but flairs as seen from the top. So in three dimensions, it might be OK.
  5. I could make a new nut from antler. I can live with it for now, I guess.
  6. This is a knife I made for my wife some time ago, it’s never finished. The only thing it really needs now is a good honing-sharpening. It’s my first hamon; the steel is JY tool steel from a garage sale held by the grand-kids of a noted blacksmith in my area. I didn’t know what it was till I tested some of it for harden-ability. I have a few pieces left ~1”x3/8” or ¼” thick. I used furnace cement for HT clay. The black is ebony, the white stripe is holly, and the end caps of the grip are antler, along with the belt thingy. The brass acorn nut (modified) allows the blade to be removed fro
  7. Maybe you can get them to highlight you in the DVD "special fetures" when released. That would help get the word out
  8. All really great and inspirational work in this thread! I believe we all have God given gifts and a calling in life, and you have found yours! (btw I DON’T believe that one necessarily has to make his/her living at a calling, just pursue it vigorously)
  9. The WI I have comes from old SILO BANDS. The silo was made of concrete staves strapped together with ~5/8" WI round rings. I'm told there's more available at an adjacent farm, but there’s no guarantee that it's also WI and not steel.
  10. Todd. That's generally the most important thing I learned in school (grade or college) Beautiful wood AND joinery there, BTW. I would be concerned about the durability of the shellac finish on the top surface; you could add some varnish or drying oil to just the top to add a resistant layer.
  11. I just happened to notice this on the Show and Tell page: "based on the relic blade from the dig at Ft. Ticonderoga" might be the kind of thing your looking for. You will have to do some internet leg work to find out about the original. edit: this thread may fit better in the "History" cat. But maybe I am misreading your question.
  12. Great!, Alan You could post it here if you want.
  13. I love this piece.....BUT! (...a hexagon has six sides; it looks like this is OCTAGONAL) sorry for being a pita.
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