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  1. Oh yes. I made sure everyone who received one for Christmas (these were all gifts) knew that I'd slap em if they got near a dishwasher. Lol
  2. Batch of German style chef's knives. All made from 80Crv2 First one has Stabilized Walnut handles. Second has my special hybrid wood, made from cherry burl + orange and blue resins. Third is standard hybridwood with buckeye Burl, and blue resin. Fourth is same as above, but with purple resin. Edited to add : pictures did not load in order, lol.
  3. Update: cuts very nicely. VID_20191219_152942~2.mp4
  4. I have available two pieces of my new style of hybridwood. 1 piece has been milled and backfilled with resin in an abstract hexagonal shape. The other has been milled and backfilled into a classic bowtie shape. The green hex piece is Stabilized Cherry Burl. $45 - Shipped (conus). The Bowtie piece is *unstabilized* zebrawood. $35 - Shipped. I also have a attached a picture of my first test piece finished out on a knife handle, as an example of how it'll look.
  5. Good insight, thank you Jake. I'll post back here when the wood gets here from Russia, and I have a chance to try cutting it.
  6. Here's a video of my test cut with cherry burl. https://youtu.be/XTEUK3JsUUM
  7. I'm doing a custom knife handle blank for someone, that will require milling some of the wood out with a cnc mill (I'll post pictures when I do it, hard to explain with just words). I have done a test run with Stabilized cherry burl, and it cut beautifully. I was able to take .200" deep passes, and the endmill zipped right through. But how will the hardness of the customers bog oak compare to Stabilized burl? I've never used or even touched bog wood before.
  8. Sorry, I was in the middle of re-editing it to correct the pictures, when the 2 yr old needed help with his play-doh
  9. After my last, blue maple handled edc cleaver, I had a custom order for a very similar one, but with a maple burl handle. Here's a few pics of it all finished up. I'm a big fan of these dangler sheaths for smaller edc blades; but on this one I made a modification, and used a snap instead of a rivet on the loop. Allowing it to be used as a dangler, or standard belt sheath.
  10. Just finished up this little edc sized cleaver. 1080 steel and Blue dyed Curly maple.
  11. Just recently finished up. Handforged 1080 blade @61 RC Stabilized and dyed curly maple, with copper bolsters.
  12. Maybe so, I'm not sure. I do know it's good and sharp. I've never done or used a gut hook before, so I pulled up pictures of other knives with em, and went from those. The fellow getting it is a local friend, and after he uses it, he'll report back to me, and if needed I'll make adjustments to his knife.
  13. Just finished, Skinner/Utility with gut hook. Handforged 1084 blade, with 500 grit working finish. Blued steel bolster w/ red spacers. Whitetail handle (customer provided, from his own hunting). OAL- 9" Blade - 4.25"
  14. Yeah, the customer said when I first talked to him about the knife that he'd likely never use it, but I just can't let it out of my shop when I know I can do it better. A forge welded edge of 1084 will address the issue well I believe. That's a good idea. I'm planning on cutting some pieces of the same mild steel, and quenching in different mediums, etc, and testing them. I'll try to make sure I test hardness at varying depths also. Will report back when I have more results.
  15. As an addendum. I will be moving forward with this blade by forge welding some 1084 to the tine for the edge.
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