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  1. Thank ya. The line you're seeing is the quench line. Behind that line it's un-hardened. I used "majestic maple" it's a chromic trioxide mix that I find really pops the color and chatoyance of curly maple. Thank ya very much sir.
  2. Recently finished tomahawk. I dubbed it the "HammerHawk" as it's previous life was spent as a ball peen hammer. Forged from a ball peen hammer, steel is cold blued, fitted with a curly maple handle, and a leather sheath.
  3. Just recently finished this one out. Same design as the one I did earlier this year, but with Thuya Burl. Blade - Wagon Wheel Wrought / 80Crv2. Handle - Thuya / SS hardware.
  4. It comes all the way down to an edge but its a rather steep angle, so it's not what I would term "sharp" (You would have to try to cut yourself with it). The customer is going to look it over before he uses it in the field, and let me know if wants anything changed or adjusted (He's done this hunting before, so he knows what he wants in the knife. I however, will stick to distance hunting, lol).
  5. Here's the best closeup I have. It did take away from the figuring somewhat, in the stippled area. But I chose a somewhat less figured block I had for that reason. I certainly wouldn't suggest it on a $70 block of gorgeous Koa. But on a nice looking block of stabilized maple, that errs towards the plain side, it makes it a bit more visually interesting, as well as giving a very nice addition to grip retention.
  6. Just finished up and delivered this Hog Hunter knife. 8" blade, long enough to pierce vitals, and a full length semi sharpened back edge to assist with piercing the thick hide. (Customer is providing the brass balls needed to take on a wild hog that up close and personal). Blade is handforged 80Crv2, with an electro-etched boars head on the polished bevel. Handle is stabilized maple, with a blued steel guard, and red fiber spacers. I stippled a portion of the handle for extra grip, and added a lanyard tube/lanyard for knife retention.
  7. Thank you all, this one held a lot of unbroken ground for me, including my first time "dry welding" the San-Mai. And overall I'm extremely pleased with the resulting knife. As to the comments on the photography. I wish I could take the credit. As I felt this is the best knife I've done this far, I wanted to really show it well. So I asked a friend who's into photography to come over with his lighting, and photo box, to help me get some good shots. He taught me a lot, and now I have a shopping list, so hopefully I can get some good shots of my next project.
  8. Just finished up this San-Mai Cleaver. Wagon Wheel Wrought iron and 80Crv2 blade. Desert Ironwood handle w/ SS hardware.
  9. Oh yes. I made sure everyone who received one for Christmas (these were all gifts) knew that I'd slap em if they got near a dishwasher. Lol
  10. Batch of German style chef's knives. All made from 80Crv2 First one has Stabilized Walnut handles. Second has my special hybrid wood, made from cherry burl + orange and blue resins. Third is standard hybridwood with buckeye Burl, and blue resin. Fourth is same as above, but with purple resin. Edited to add : pictures did not load in order, lol.
  11. Update: cuts very nicely. VID_20191219_152942~2.mp4
  12. I have available two pieces of my new style of hybridwood. 1 piece has been milled and backfilled with resin in an abstract hexagonal shape. The other has been milled and backfilled into a classic bowtie shape. The green hex piece is Stabilized Cherry Burl. $45 - Shipped (conus). The Bowtie piece is *unstabilized* zebrawood. $35 - Shipped. I also have a attached a picture of my first test piece finished out on a knife handle, as an example of how it'll look.
  13. Good insight, thank you Jake. I'll post back here when the wood gets here from Russia, and I have a chance to try cutting it.
  14. Here's a video of my test cut with cherry burl. https://youtu.be/XTEUK3JsUUM
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