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  1. But i think alan's point about stiffness could be it also. Cool build!! I can't wait to see how you set it all up!
  2. But can you open them ALL with a gentle breath? Big hole, so less force by volume. Imagine blowing a leaf with a puckered mouth and then while saying "aaah"
  3. Just realized as well, if you add more valves, the sucking action will actually need to be stronger to move the flaps, because you'll have more weight and surface area. I think lighter flaps might be your solution. And even if it's not the whole picture, it certainly wouldn't hurt. I don't know. Worth a shot?
  4. My first impression about the return issue is that the valves migh be a little too heavy! I only mention the possibility because nobody else has. Maybe try thinner plywood, or even balsa or something? The easier those valves move, the better, I would think.
  5. I started learning to shoe horses this spring. Sharp knives are a must, not just for your own safety, but for quality work. The job just doesn't get done otherwise. Not really EDC though, and I guess we all need our tools to be tip top. Also, interestingly, hoof knives are made with a chisel grind with the bevel inside the curve. It's very handy for that job. I really like my opinel. I keep it sharp so that when those jobs come along that might need that prying cut, I can sidestep that by taking an extra couple seconds. Hard to explain what I mean... If it's sharp enough, the pry is not necessary. Sometimes. Thinking of a knife as a weapon makes me nervous. I'd much rather run than get into a situation where the risks are raised to that level, final resort stuff notwithstanding. I agree with what you say, Geoff, that weapon is an attitude, not an object.
  6. Wow. Really wonderful piece.
  7. Went to Olds College this spring to learn horseshoeing. I did have some free forging time, so I have a couple blades in various states. I'll post some pics as I take them, here's the ones I have. Thought I had more pictures. So that thing might get done one day. The lines need work on it, I'd say. Here's some from school, if you're into it. That's a demo piece I made for a presentation on heat treatment. Also:
  8. Beautiful. Nice nose dive on it, that worked out well.
  9. This looks like a ka-bar. If it is, I think there's actually a pin in there as well. At least there is in mine.
  10. Interesting little fact I recently acquired, apparently wood is anything smaller than 24 inches in diameter. All else is timber! In tudor england the landowner laid claim to all timber, and the tenant could harvest the wood. My source is a bbc series about farming, maybe someone would verify or contradict this? Sort of an aside, but I found it interesting. Nice saw!
  11. I've done what geoff did more than once. Totally accident free.
  12. MorganCD

    Great comic.

    http://www.smbc-comics.com/?id=3329#comic I'd say we're probably all exceptions to this graph. By the way, some of the other comics in this strip "contain mature subject matter." You've been warned.
  13. Cooool. Here's an idea re: polishing, polish the face. Just the face. Like an anvil. It could be like a window into the thing.
  14. Hurray! Following this for sure.
  15. I wonder how many archeological finds are "reproductions" made by the 'old methods' fanboys of the day? Beautiful sword. Just beautiful.
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