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    I got my first forge when I was 13 and have been forging ever since. I am a mechanical engineer student, and a really dumb kid.

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  1. These are two of my most recent creations up for sell. I would like to sell them as a pair because they have grown up together and have formed a great brotherly bond! The bigger of the two has a blade length of 8.5 inches At its widest the blade is 1.75 inches The handle is a nice 6 inches The little brother has a blade length of 6 inches The widest point of the blade is 1.5 inches And the handle is 4.75 inches I would like to sell these as a pair at $610 free shipping. If sold as a pair I will make a matching maple box to store them for free. If sold separately the big one is $355 free s
  2. Luke except that rail road nail head that you stepped on And that sword you dropped on your foot.
  3. This is me just messing with hamons. This isn't your traditional kitchen knife but it will definitely get the job done. The Japanese inspiration is in the hamon and a little in the handle the blade shape is more western. The blade is forged 1075 with a crape myrtle and African black wood handle. Blade length 7 1/2 inches Handle length 6 1/2 inches Overall 14 inches $367 USD free shipping Thanks for looking!
  4. This little guy is flippin' awesome!!! What is the wooden contraption it is sitting on?
  5. Hey thanks guys, you are all awesome. I have many more of these to come.
  6. They were 1.5 in X 1/8 in X 48in.
  7. This is a small semi-historical Broken back Seax with a Crape Myrtle and African blackwood handle. The spine is wrought Iron with a 1095 and wild steel 5-layer twist core, and a 1080 edge. The blade is about 4.75 In (12.07 cm) in length. The handle is 4.5 in (11.43 cm). Over all length is 9.25 in (23.5 cm). At the the base of the blade it is 1 in (2.5 cm) wide and 1/4 in (.6 cm) thick. I am Asking $300 USD but will accept anything reasonable. Just shoot me a PM or email me at Barefootbladesmith@gmail.com if interested or have any questions. Thanks for looking.
  8. Thanks for the kind words. The twists are 1095 and i believe some mild steel i got from the hardware store. The Wrought iron i picked up on the side of a mountain in Colorado. I believe it is just the slag content that is giving it a dark etch, but I etched it two times for ten minutes in ferric chloride and polished in between each etch.
  9. Hey everyone it's been a while... this little fella has been hiding in the depths of my shop collecting metal shavings and dust. After my good friend Luke Shearer decided to leave me for the college life not only did i loose a friend but his grinder too. He did return though with his grinder, so i finished this beautiful broken back. I wanted to lean a little closer to a historical Seax with and all organic handle, not horn though, although it does in some pictures look like it. The handle is African blackwood and crape myrtle with beautiful chatoyancy that is actually from Luke's yard (there
  10. Thanks. Yeah it's a beautiful piece of wood. It's been sitting around and I finally decided to use it. It's kind of funny though, because for awhile I used it for a sanding block.
  11. Hello everyone. I have here well... a knife... I've had a few pieces of holly burl that Luke Shearer and i cut off of a holly tree in the forest behind my house, and i have been dying to use it. So i popped out a blade right quick. The blade is 1095 with a faint hamon and etched with ferric chloride and bleach, and like i said the handle is a gnarly piece of holly burl with a few pieces of birch bark and a copper spacer. This knife is meant to be used. Asking price: $125 Just email me at Barefootbladesmith@gmail.com Thanks for looking.
  12. Thank you. Towards Doug I do not believe Dave teaches classes but we also visted with his friend Andy Davis and I know he teaches classes and I would defiantly recommend him as a teacher he is a great guy. And on the pommel and guard those are actually forged finish. I grinded them to the desirable shape and popped them in the forge letting them build up scale giving it the black finish.
  13. I'm going to punch you if you already gave it to him without showing me first...
  14. Man i really need to go to Oakland.
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