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  1. dude im going to beat the style out of you, bottle it and sell it to the blade-smith community for a premium. but seriously i can spot your blades from a mile away, and i mean that in a good way. once again you give us a sweet blade in your unique style.
  2. bad ass, congrrats. you may be humbled but your defiantly worth it. you two produce some awesome work, and your eye has caught some eyes in the right places. i would love to see more of what you and the other people on this site produce used in movies. even if its just conceptual.
  3. i say take advantage of the free press, tell the story, make a few "authentic" ones and let them worrie about how to stop you, if they come to stop you, sue them. then reap double rewards. fight forgery with your forge
  4. im not sure if wax will work, if im not mistaken the resin gets quite hot when curing. it would most likely melt the thin coat and bond to the tang. i dont know if this would even work but you could try dipping the tang in a thin coat of wax and then a thin layer of spraypaint. if you can get the paint to adhere to the wax it would form a "paint shell" and then wrap on that. when the resin gets hot the wax will melt but the paint shell should stay. the tang would have to have a distal taper with no hangups or it may become a chore to get it off. i have never done this just thinking out loud. the other thing i thought of is try wrapping a turn of plastic around the tang and wrapping over that. the heat may melt it but the resin shouldent get through, messy cleanup thought.
  5. jason howard

    W2 fighter

    awsome as usual, i love how the guard and handle flow
  6. yea i agree the blade should be bigger by at least 2 times , this was just a quick job to see if it would work. and it does so next will be the 2.0 version. thanks for the feed back.
  7. very nice. she will be making short work of fruits and veggies in no time. and as usual you have incorporated your usual finesse and attention to detail. great work
  8. if some one swings this at you and the blade doesn't hit you the hammon will still knock you out lol. beautiful work
  9. i haven't been doing much lately because of school and other projects but here is one that i did in about 2 hrs. the idea popped into my head and i couldn't get my mind off it so i just made it instead of fighting it. 5160 and satin wood. the tang wraps around the handle and is held by a brass ring. the blade needs some more cleanup but i am happy with the design idea. the handle can be removed for cleaning, but it does take considerable force to do so. i used a vice and several tools to remove and replace the wood. tension is the only thing holding the handle in place. there is a little groove in the handle to help keep in stationary. and this thing is sharp it loves to slice. i hope you like the idea. Jason.
  10. wow 1lb 13oz that's surprising for the length and handle size.
  11. wow i love them. i tried doing a simple kitchen knife like the first one but it ended up breaking due to a flaw. im going to give it another crack. inspirational blades right there
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