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  1. Very nice, but I have a question, vertical forge have advantages over a horizontal one? Thanks
  2. Congrats, look great Saludos desde Mexico
  3. WOOOOOOOOW Saludos desde Mexico
  4. Thanks and i can say Two beers please. Saludos desde Mexico
  5. I like it , congratulations. Saludos desde Mexico
  6. Thanks fox creek saludos Thanjs a lot JJ I appreciate your comments. Saludos Thanks B Saludos Hi Troy, I really like your detail to answer me in Spanish te mando un abrazo Y saludos Thanks a lot Kevin, I appreciatte your effort with Spanish and very gratefull with your comments. Saludos Thanks Rob. Saludos Thanks Darren. Saludos Thanks Wade, yeah both like it the pieces. Saludos
  7. Hi guys,I want to show this pair of knives that I made for two brothers,both are made of composite damascus cable in the spine and 5160 in the belly(59-60 HRC). The handles are: Red stag with leather and reconstituted Jade spacers. Red stag with Ebony from mexican state of Tamaulipas and reconstituted turquoise Anticipated thanks for watching and opinions Saludos desde Mexico
  8. Wow, i like overall, but the details in self are great,with your permission I copy that profile. Saludos desde Mexico
  9. Thanks Ito, make sense to me. Congrats again Saludos desde Mexico
  10. Gracias Troy y que sorpresa con tan buen español Thanks JJ Thanks greg, its my favorite too. Thanks John :lol: Gracias Joe, que buen español. Saludos desde Mexico
  11. I like the simple lines of them,and the fittings are great too. Congrats. Saludos desde Mexico
  12. Hi guys ia read every post taht you post and Im not very active posting, but this time I want to show you some of past pieces and recent ones, I appreciate your comments. Saludos desde Mexico. Bowie knife sanmai construction, 1084 core and 1018 externals,antiqued red stag antler and 1018 fittings. Little hunter in W1 with hamon brass fittings and axis antler Full tang hunter san mai construction 1084 core 1018 externals,some cedar from alaska and iron wood from my country Mexico Thanks for looking and comment.
  13. Great Job Ito, I like very much your work. But why the right handed knives are bezeled on te left side??? and not like japanese blades are???. And for what is the groove???? Congrats, Saludos desde Mexico
  14. Felipe

    Heart break

    Thanks Howard,but in the past I made 5160 core with 1010 skins with no problems at this stage,once happens similar crack at quenching totally,but resolve the problem quenching only the edge portion. I think there are many problems in this and not only one,if we think the principal purpose of sanmai is high hardenable steel core with soft outers by obvious reasons it is no logical thinking in make one with steels with similar hardenability no sense for me. Saludos desde Mexico
  15. Felipe

    Heart break

    Ok Alan I see the problem is too common but certainly nobody knows 100% what happen,I will trying again and report my results. Thanks y saludos desde Mexico Thanks Edgar, the mine problem was before all thermal treatment and I am very dissappointed y wil trying an see what happen. Saludos desde Mexico.
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