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  1. Just a random question: would these jacks work inverted?
  2. I read an article about how to turn a bottle jack 180*, so it would push down, what would be the physical advantages to doing this? Are there any physicists out there? I will look for the modification pdf and post it when found. Thank you
  3. Thank you . I subscribe to his newsletter, his designs are spectacular.
  4. Hello all, this is my first post, I have been keeping an eye on this thread for awhile. Also I have been a welder for awhile. You can weld up to .25 of an inch with those 115 welders, joint prep is the primary consideration, grind all mill scale off, stringer beads with temper bead, as opposed to fat beads, your bead width should not exceed .375"(for strongest weld), flux core will allow more penetration than inert gmaw. Straight Co2 will offer better penetration than the 75/25 mix, preheating will help as well. Even gusset if you must. Thanks for the awesome work you all have done on these p
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