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  1. Thanks for the feedback,,and it does feel nice and quick-------------------also lookng for a buyer still
  2. Thanks, I think a pommel distracts from the wood, I normally dont use one unless I use antler
  3. W1 tool steel from 1"bar 416 fittings and curly maple
  4. Sorry for the small picture, resized it too much,,,,,thanks for the comment
  5. Justin, Its amazing how easy it is,FREE! drag and drop from your files and there are dozens of themes and styles available, and you can sell through paypal
  6. I currently dont have any knives for sale, as I do there will be an available column with a photo and price, I did not post prices on ones already sold, the metalurgy page is in progress, just going to be a facts page. The serial numbers will show the buyers of the series,and you are right about payment options, I will work on that. I want payment to be more personal though and prefer to take care of over phone or in person. Great questions and thank you, I have much to work on
  7. JD, YES, the photos need upgraded, I havent taken many photos since the sites creation, but I am working on a light box of sort and buying s small tripod. a couple photos I had done by a pro but cant afford much of that. Thanks for your feedback and you have a nice site as well.
  8. Thanks so much Mike, Weebly is FREE and so easy to use plus you can buy your own domain name if you choose but the free one has me at the top of the list on Google so whats the point.
  9. Hello, I have been working on a website and think I have enough done on it for you to have a look, so take a look and let me know what you think. http://hardingknives.weebly.com or just google harding knives Thanks Chad Harding
  10. thanks,the chainsaw chain blade is SOLD
  11. A couple of new blades, Chainsaw chain with dyed elk and brass, cable damascus with bright white elk and brass then W1 w/hamon and oak burl. All for sale. email me at hardingknives@yahoo.com
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