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  1. Gregory Lirot

    Cherry Burl Handle stock

    I shot you a PM.
  2. Gregory Lirot

    Cherry Burl Handle stock

    Ive never shipped internationally and would prefer to sell it all as a lot. Its just easier. Ive been selling this stuff piecemeal for about a year and just want to be rid of it. But, Im willing to deal if the price is right.
  3. Black cherry burl I cut and dried about 3 years ago. They were cut to 2 1/2 inches square and have shrunk to about 2 1/4- 2 3/8th. Obviously they warped, but they are dry as a popcorn fart and over sized enough that you can still get some pretty chunky, square handles out of them. You can probably get about 20-25ish handles out of them depending on size and figure you want. Id expect a lower yield if you were particularly picky about figure. Sold the two peices discussed below. Asking $15 for the smaller, or plain pieces and $25 for the big, full figured pieces. Im paying for shipping on any lot that adds up to $40 or more to the CONUS. If anyone is local to me, I have full un-cut burls that are too big to ship but the right size for turning something cool out of.
  4. Gregory Lirot

    how can i tell if my damascus has failed?

    My first stack always looks like that. Just cut restack and weld again, it should turn out fine. If not you got practice forge welding.
  5. Gregory Lirot

    I call her Buella

    hah! My favorite! They are just unavailable where I live. :'( Cool fact, I think I have heard the same thing. I really think it is an underpowered piece of crap after having used it heavily for two weeks. For a 20lb saw it really doesnt pull a chain as well as it could, it runs so lean It has no low end power once the chain speed drops and I cant fix that without voiding my warranty. I hope you Husky runs better!
  6. Gregory Lirot

    I call her Buella

    Haha, good call. I have seen fellas get into shouting matches over it. Then all of em yell at me since I like both! Its pretty bad. Its Red Maple (Acer rubra I belive).
  7. Gregory Lirot

    I call her Buella

    My new chainsaw, and MS 311 (a 291 with 2 extra ccs and some more power) . Ive been slabbing out this tree I cut down a couple weeks back for coffee tables and the like (some of it will be saved for cutlery). EDIT: Sorry If I start a Stihl vs. Husky debate, I love them both and use Huskies for work.
  8. Gregory Lirot

    A Fairly Recent Project

    Thanks! It took three tries to get a flaw free version of this.
  9. Gregory Lirot

    A Fairly Recent Project

    That aint even the half of it. Some of it was already split and stacked, but I just took down a few maples and we got some ash from the neighbor who took down a tree as well. Your welcome to as much as you want if you arrange shipping. A good solid, 28 inch Red Maple (that was starting to rot!). I have moved about 1 1/2 chords (based on tree volume) already from her.
  10. Gregory Lirot

    A Fairly Recent Project

    My most recent project in pattern welding. I took a scrapped 160 layer billet (burned the darn tang off taking a phone call so I used the blade in a new billet) and put that in as a layer in a 7 layer billet. Folded that once and welded it to a 10 layer twist billet, folded that in with the twist in the center as a 'core' and made this guy (only took 8 hours of forging!): This was also my first try chopping, folding and re welding while hot and I only have one weld flaw (that appears to have ground out!) Must say I am pleased. The pattern at the tip didnt work out as I had hoped since I had to do a lot of filing so the outer bars dont enclose the inner one.
  11. Gregory Lirot

    bladesmiths and MRI's

    I only noticed a little bit of a burning sensation where I had lot of steel dust accumulate on my hands in an MRI, but I was not studious about lung protection at the time (or not as good as I should have been back then) and always wore glasses and still see fine. Ive had head, neck, chest/torso/stomach, hip and knee MRIs without issues. Also, definatley bring more earplugs, but where I went they had good earmuffs and played local radio stations on them.
  12. Gregory Lirot

    Pattern welded WIP and a finished blade

    Oh yeah! Its a lot of work and I would KILL for power tools, but these will do.
  13. Gregory Lirot

    Pattern welded WIP and a finished blade

    Well this log rolled (yay!) after I finished limbing the other end, it turns out one of the branches I had cut was holding this in place and I found out after cutting halfway through with a saw it wasn't steady. So I had to buck with an axe, which is far more fun, but far more work. I did however manage to buck everything to length so i started to bore holes for pegs in my uprights. I had to use my twisting wrench as I couldn't get enough toque on my hand brace drill (actually a first for me!). Ill try to shoot a picture of the whole site today as it is a whole different site then it was yesterday!
  14. Gregory Lirot

    Pattern welded WIP and a finished blade

    Well I took a break from my knife making and started clearing some land for my smithy! Cut 3 decent sized maples (about 9 to 15 inches) with my crosscut and started limbing and bucking them. I think Ill focus on getting a workshop build before I finish a knife. My baby 4.5 lb felling axe. This is where I called it quits for the day. I have the timber for my frame and some extra in that last tree. Should start layout for the uprights tommorow and begin assembly.
  15. Gregory Lirot

    Perception of self, and harsh reality!

    Hah, I always imagined you having a cat for some reason. Perhaps to do with the pigeon issues you have had in the past.