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  1. KITH 2017 Final Drawing Thread

    15. Kevin Hopkins
  2. KITH 2017 Kitchen Knife >6" Blade Any Material

    I have mine done
  3. Arctic Fire Backup Blade Finish

    I'm very much looking forward to seeing this come together
  4. first sword

  5. first sword

    I started from a cube and with an angle grinder and file ground away all that was not a 20 sided die
  6. walnut and antler

    Thanks. The dye is saddle tan with antique mohagany on top, if you reverse it, it is much darker and a little more redish
  7. first sword

    Thank you
  8. walnut and antler

    here and a couple of spring steel knives I recently finished up with walnut handles and antler guards. plus a quick little knife I made while at Fire and Brimstone out of aldo's 1075. let me know what you think
  9. first sword

    21 1/2 inch spring steel blade with mild fittings and charred oak handle topped by a 20 side die as a pommel nut. I thought i'd just have a little fun this time, the next will be a little more historical. let me know what you think
  10. KITH 2017 Kitchen Knife >6" Blade Any Material

    1. Brian Dougherty 2. Timothy Artymko 3. Doug Crawford 4. JJ Simon 5. Scott Wright 6. Wesley Alberson 7. Robert Dowse 8. Kevin Hopkins
  11. 2017 KITH?

    I can't wait. An idea I like is eating set or kitchen knives, or the choice between the two
  12. My collection of kith knives

    I had all the knives I've received from KITHS on this forum and thought I'd share a cruddy tablet picture with you guys. (I might take some good pictures soon)
  13. purpleheart ball bearing

    i thought i'd share some pictures before I ship it out blade forged from a 1 inch ball bearing with a mustard etch, and purpleheart handle with mild steel bolster and butt cap and antler spacers.
  14. Christmas Knife Exchange??

    Here is a rough picture, I made the belt loop too narrow on the first sheath so somebody gets 2 sheaths for mine.
  15. Completed Christmas KITH List

    Done, just in time 1. Timothy Artymko 2. Kevin Hopkins