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  1. Here is the Amazon.com Link, https://www.amazon.com/s?k=B07T4G8M3C&ref=nb_sb_noss I am sorry if this bother you, guys. Wu
  2. Dear All, Can I Post Brother's Amazon Shop Website for Home Decor Lighting Fixture Here ? If you like and want that, please In put it here or PM me, Good news is that, Some will be free and Others will be more than 50% discount, Thanks.uch Business is tough here, I need help my brother, and we need help each other. Thanks Wu
  3. Thank you Jonathan Bradshaw , Copper is the most standard materials in China for the Chasing and Repousse work. Jonathan Bradshaw here is About Cha Ze, Cha Ze, as a kind of tea set of han nationality, had a name in tang dynasty. 茶道六君子包括 茶匙 (Cha Shi )、茶针( Cha Zhen )、茶漏 (Cha Lou )、茶夹 ( Cha Jia )、茶则 ( Cha Ze ) 、茶桶 ( Cha Tong )。 Cha Ze is one of the six functions of the tea ceremony of the han nationality. It is a measuring device for the tea powder to be added into the soup when the tea is cooked and tasted by the han people.In the tea ceremony, when tea is taken ou
  4. Copper Chasing and Repousse for Tea Tool - Chinese Called “茶则 " Cha Ze If you are interested, and want to know what is the Chinese Cha Ze ( Tea Tool ) , i will explain it more here. What's more, long time not be here. much miss you here. The below photo just for show you how will the Cha Ze use. Any input please.
  5. Great thanks Dan, If you can attach some related photo, that will be amazing. Thanks again Dan
  6. What are the best websites and you often to buy the home lighting fixtures? Thank you.
  7. Dear Family, We need your help, My brother would like to run a lighting shop in USA or on the internet. he does need more ideas from you, Thanks really. Below is a simple investigate and survey, thanks your valued time for the answer and any input. What is the best design Lighting Fixtures you have seen? You can make a website link here or a photo here. Which or what types of lightings do you want to order for your home? and how much you like to pay for that? What is the most popular lighting fixtures you think now? You can make a link here or a photo here.
  8. Dear, one day, If you try some blade of Chinese Swords, please remember that i would be happy to offer the sword fittings. Haha. Great done.
  9. It's Great. I really like the traditional way you make on the Sekigane and the shaping the Kojiri also. Thank you for the sharing. And when i saw it, i really want to chisel something on the Kojiri.
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