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  1. charles wu

    Most popular Lighting Fixture Styles - Need your helps

    Great thanks Dan, If you can attach some related photo, that will be amazing. Thanks again Dan
  2. charles wu

    Most popular Lighting Fixture Styles - Need your helps

    What are the best websites and you often to buy the home lighting fixtures? Thank you.
  3. Dear Family, We need your help, My brother would like to run a lighting shop in USA or on the internet. he does need more ideas from you, Thanks really. Below is a simple investigate and survey, thanks your valued time for the answer and any input. What is the best design Lighting Fixtures you have seen? You can make a website link here or a photo here. Which or what types of lightings do you want to order for your home? and how much you like to pay for that? What is the most popular lighting fixtures you think now? You can make a link here or a photo here. Note, the lighting fixtures for home use. not for hotels. Any input will help us a lot. and we will make some selections from some of your suggestion. and send you a free gift for the items which you mentioned here. Many many thanks to all you. Regards Charles
  4. charles wu

    WIP Chiseled Manieristic Rapier Hilt

    What a tough engraving
  5. charles wu

    Viking Sword Fingrbitr

    Do love the case fittings of the sword.
  6. Miss your post elder brother. It's a long time.
  7. charles wu

    4-Bar Core Viking Sword

    Dear, one day, If you try some blade of Chinese Swords, please remember that i would be happy to offer the sword fittings. Haha. Great done.
  8. charles wu

    Touzai Fusion Tanto

    It's Great. I really like the traditional way you make on the Sekigane and the shaping the Kojiri also. Thank you for the sharing. And when i saw it, i really want to chisel something on the Kojiri.
  9. very cool Jake, skull seems very popular for the sword, ring, pendant, and etc. I like dragon, and familiar with that, i hope one day i have a chance try on some skull one.
  10. charles wu

    River Jian wip

    Thanks all comments input here, Thanks your time. and thanks the forum give us a chance for the meet and a chance to work together. Thanks Kevin. We are very happy to hear that there will be more projects for us. and Kevin you deserve this. and besides the happyness. the more i am thinking now is that this is not only the a beautiful sword it is. it is more about the trust from all of these friends here. I will try my best. It's a promise.
  11. charles wu

    River Jian wip

    Kevin,It's amazing you did on the blade and fittings. You are gorgeous as always. I really know how hard to taking the time to take the photo and share the steps here ! For me you are respectable indeed. If you need any other style of Chinese Sword or Dao Jian Fittings, please feel free to let me know. i will do whatever i can for you.
  12. charles wu

    Dynasty Tang Dao handmade fittings

    Dan, The blade is the reproduction of a traditiional Chinese style. and the fittings are the contemporary custom design. Below is one of the link for the Chinese Tang Dao, check it please. http://chineseswords.freewebspace.com/custom2.html Charles
  13. charles wu

    Dynasty Tang Dao handmade fittings

    one more photo for the blade
  14. charles wu

    Dynasty Tang Dao handmade fittings

    Kevin, Dan and All, Here are some more photos as below for the blade. note please the blade was made by a partner studio Duan Xin Cao Tang.