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  1. Thanks Alan, This is going to be my motivation. Here attached one more photo i found. check it please
  2. Dan, This is not black cooked by chemical solution. it is 24K GOLD,SILVER and BLACK multi finish electroplating. Thanks
  3. Thanks Justin. We will work harder and show the better for all you.
  4. Dynasty Tang Dao handmade fittings Copper materials. main of 2.0 mm thickness 24k Gold, silver and black plating. The theme is a majestic dragon soaring through the clouds, enjoy it and welcome comments please. I did not have the photos for the process, but there are some photos for the similar styles. check it please.
  5. Thanks all Rob, Collin, JM, Miles, Kevin, Stormcrow and Tyler. This small gift will be a new new areas for me and us. Does any one here be interested to show the new drawing for this shape of bookmark. same shape but change the rose to frog. or any other pops. We appreciate that. Charles
  6. Hey Kevin and Friends here. Just want to show you a pure hand chased and repousse silver bookmark made for Kevin was sent by DHL express today. The original bookmark is made by S Kirk & Sons America. It has S Kirk & Sons Sterling marked on the back with the number 9 on the original piece. More info for the original antique bookmark Date:1921 - 1940 Manufacturer:S. Kirk & Sons Materials:Silver Origin:US Shape:Flower Size: 1 x 2 1/2 in More data please go to http://www.silverbookmarks.com/Bookmark.aspx?BookmarkID=15&index=0&all=15,39,65,311 Design: Antique Reproduction Reproduction Work: Charles Wu
  7. Rob, Thanks. I love your sword also.
  8. Professor, Thanks for your great praise. and thanks so much for your recommendation regarding the dao jian fittings. Thanks you give me an ideal of the price should be from 60 - 90, if we want to have the market. The perception is what matters. i keep this in my mind. Thank you again. Charles
  9. Miles, Thanks for the formula comments as below. For the smith in the studio. they often charge near 10 per hour. For example, for this complete handmade bookmark. The materials silver is about 8, for the working time. for one pc, it cost about 16 hours. ( 6 hours called one day as usual ) then the smith basic cost is 160. For custom orders need 50 for the drawing ( no need this for this bookmark ). plus the packages and DHL shipping cost is about 40 . and it is already about 258. how much do i need to charge for this condition? I feel It's not accepted for most of lovers. Custom order only 1 pc. 1 pc need about 16 hours. but if 2 pces should be 16+8 = 24 hours.
  10. Scott, A lot help for me. very good suggestions. You gave me a lot of thinking, expand the subject like snail, frog, toad, gnome, supernatural god-head type face etc. try some more materials. Fine some use for that. Very good. and great thanks. Yes, i will sign it. Charles.
  11. Sir, I am really happy to collect the information that some one like you would like to pay 60 for the handmade one. Great thanks for the below comments, it's complete. that's really help me. May be you are right. cast the rough Bodies first, then hand chase the section details. like the Panache. and even more. this works. I need try on this. but how much many of the people would like to pay? 50 ? or less ? Charles
  12. Hey Friends, For more info, you can go to the facebook link here https://www.facebook.com/charles.wu.7505 Thank you.
  13. Hey Friends Here. I need your help to finish the below investigate. How much most of you would like to pay for something ? This is always a puzzling problem for each of new work - how much would you like to pay for this bookmark ? Dear friends, just input the price you would like to pay have it. no matter how this cost indeed. you can mark the materials you like. the pattern you interested. the technical you want. for example, pure handmade from a piece of metal sheet. or lost wax casting. or combine the both technical. Note, you may get a free sterling silver bookmark from me. haha Thanks advance. Charles Wu
  14. custom metal metal works

  15. Hi Kevin, A good dao and a lovely fittings. By the way, how much is the gem you got from ebay ?
  16. Hi Richard, Sorry that, it seems that i miss the replying. The original one is round also. Blade try to follow the original one. They are separated pats for the hand. Wu
  17. Hi, If you want make the blade, let me know please. and i will offer the metal fittings. i am happy to work together. Wu
  18. Hi Kevin and Alan, Just read this. I remember that i have some photos for the chisels. i will find time to post it here. And one more thing, Kevin, I do not know you need the chisels. sorry for this. how do you work with your chisels ? do you still need my chisels. if yes, please let me know, i will try to make some. and send you a basic batch for free. Wu
  19. Hi Mark, In fact, the Chinese is one of the most rich people. as long as they like it. they would pay that, and they can pay that. As i know, most of the lovers prefer the replication fittings with a old look. and some of prefer the shiny look. Thanks Mark. Wu
  20. Hi Dan, Sorry for the misunderstanding. I jus found, our forum made some change then. it is our new friend. like a new garden. Thanks your asking. Best. Wu
  21. Hi Kevin, Good luck. Look forward to another project. Wu
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