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  1. Hi Kevin, Sweet Fittings and I like the blade. Best. Wu
  2. Hello new Garden, Tank you very much all.
  3. Don, A smooth transition... Thanks for all you hardworking.
  4. Hey Friends, I have a tiny showcase on the Etsy shop. http://www.etsy.com/shop/handmademetalworks It's really really happy that all guys here will be there for a visiting. One more important thing. Can i post the above link here ? or this should be banned ? if yes, i am so sorry, please remove this without notice. because i do not want against the form rules, or make any one here unhappy. All the best. Charles Wu
  5. Thanks All. Thanks Geoff. Michael, Sixto, Scott, Stuart, Marcel, Harry, JJ, Wes, an Silent Matt.
  6. Hi Kevin, Really happy. And i wish i going to be, one day. What's more, i will be more happy to work with you for the next project. haha. And i love your knife recently. Best, Wu
  7. Hi Mark, Thanks, yes, you are right. it is custom. and i guess they will adjust it when the tsuba's mounting. Wu
  8. Thanks all your inputs here. Just buy the chemical to cook the color.
  9. Hi, A recent Iron Tsuba, Welcome Any comments.
  10. Hi Kevin, Mrk, and all. Thank you. What should i say..... I do like the balde collar.
  11. Hi Kevin, Sorry, i thought i miss the hardboard when i open the mail packages. So can i leave the blade collar to you? I will pack it and send them to you soon. Wu
  12. the rest ones, All friends, any questions, please let us know, Kevin, it's your turn now.
  13. Hi Kevin, and All, here are the late, check the photos please. Foro any info please ask.
  14. Hi Kevin, and all Sorry im late here. It's a awesome blade, It's a magical walnut scabbard. I will try my best, and show all of us the same magical fittings for this project. then it can match for all of Kevin's done. I will have the packages in the coming days.....
  15. Jesus, If like that... That would be huge, em......... I like it, may be one day we can have a try ... Haha Xie xie ni
  16. Hi Keven, Thanks. You are right. it is 1000 millimetre. 1.000 meter. How is our drawings. Did you get the said drawing? Wu
  17. Hi John, Yes, i agree. I always think that that's the best to leave it as it is, none other finish but a thin clear lacquer, And in this condition, i need to make it with copper soldering.
  18. Qianlong Emperor guan xiao jian, Length of the Sword 1000 mm (sorry ,not meter i got a kind call said there must be a type slip). Traditinal hand carving Copper Plate Fitting - Whis is a Reproduction prorjct last year, enjoy it please
  19. To be precise, 3x2! 3 folks worked for me at different times. except mine hands, you still can find other 2x2. haha
  20. Hi Sean, thanks. It's my private studio. they are all of my works, my work with the help of my partners. most of time, we have one partner to help with me. sometime,we have two partners. that's all.
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