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  1. good, now change another method to insert the photos links, and it works Ok, photos
  2. I do not why i could not load the photos from photobucker links.
  3. In fact, like what you said, we slipped on, or pinned, and put on a little glue sometimes. in case of disassembly.
  4. It would give me the greatest of pleasure to have your blade. If you would like to, i will offer the fittings for free.
  5. Xie Xie Jim, There will be one more topic one this style. tiger.... i think that will be better....
  6. Thanks you. me too. and i will try more
  7. Dear all, Here is the Emperor Kangxi's personal 2-handed saber, preserved in a Buddhist temple. for the fittings, "qilin" or "Chinese unicorn" depicted on the fittings on the handle and scabbard. they are the really gold and silver. photos as below. Here is a new custom fittings base on Emperor Kangxi's sword, but custom request added. enjoyed it please. there will be more details photos input later.
  8. jeff, This is entirely carved, no raised parts backplate at all. hope this is clear for you Jeff. Just ask it. if any more questions.
  9. Really thanks Kevin, In fact, i do not know a craftsmen well. and do not know who would like to do that. I do hope find someone love to make it for a balde. they do not have to be world-class. as long as he love to do that, and have will have time to do that. just match the sheath. thanks again.
  10. Thanks, There is none something special which called technique. After rolled it by solid wood rod. then use the brass brazing. or silver solder. the solder line will be invisible after the plated, covered by the gold and brown finish.
  11. Dick, you are right. As long as it match! Really thanks.
  12. 江老師,江師傅, 謝謝您,謝謝您的資訊!這個還真不懂啊! 有時間向您請教啊! 煩請有時間PM個您的郵件給我,有時間看您去
  13. Jim, Most welcome, if you really would like have it, watch it. It was truly an honor for me. haha.
  14. Jan, Thanks, most of us would like to see the process details. yes, same for everything, 说是一回事,做又是另一回事, in English is,see as below. Saying is one thing, and doing is another. Like, it looks simple, but acturely not. LIke, it looks hard, easier in fact. So just do it. get the right feel
  15. Finally, I Found this topic here. So sorry, it is still working on. and here is the state; photos as below. Enjoy it,friends!
  16. It was an old work in 2009 Custom Thick Copper Dragon Tsuba 镡 Custom Tsuba by chisels and hammer. The Finished one already sent out. here is the defects one. Welcome for any comments. That's all. They said this not too bad....
  17. Dear All, After your suggestions, I already improve the two tsuba, The ugly mark were scraped definitely. Here is the photos.
  18. We have the process photos, we have the making sequence, we have the Chisels Hammer tools, Now we also have the segment videos of the metal carving. work on steel. Video 1: My link VIDEO 2 My link VIDEO 3 My link the above steel piece, is not a commercial work, it is only my first practice on the new style pattern. work on brass. Video 1 My link Video 2 My link Video 3 My link Video 4 My link Video 5 My link work on copper. Video 1 My link Video 2 My link Video 3 My link Video 4 My link
  19. hey, if it is still not work there, may be i will give you another link by pm. thanks
  20. Ford, Great see you here. and yes, most of the time, i live in ZHONG SHAN city,which is near Macao, and sometime stay in yin tang city of the jiang xi province. Ford, the following the iron brush forum is one of the best forum i have been, it is specialized field. thanks a lot,i got a lot there, for each other and also from your patient.
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