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  1. In fact, like what you said, we slipped on, or pinned, and put on a little glue sometimes. in case of disassembly.


    Wonderful work Charles. Can I ask, In the Chinese traditions, how do those hangers on the scabbards stay in place? Are they just slipped on/pressure fit? Are they pinned or somewhow glued?

  2. It would give me the greatest of pleasure to have your blade.

    If you would like to, i will offer the fittings for free.


    Man, that is SO over the top, I don't know what to say. Who's doing the blade for that bad boy( ooooo, pick me!!!!)???

  3. Dear all,

    Here is the Emperor Kangxi's personal 2-handed saber, preserved in a Buddhist temple. for the fittings, "qilin" or "Chinese unicorn" depicted on the fittings on the handle and scabbard. they are the really gold and silver.

    photos as below.


    qilin 1.jpg


    Here is a new custom fittings base on Emperor Kangxi's sword, but custom request added. enjoyed it please.


    qilin 2.jpg


    2 qinlin.jpg




    there will be more details photos input later.

  4. jeff,


    This is entirely carved, no raised parts backplate at all. hope this is clear for you Jeff.

    Just ask it. if any more questions.



    This is fantastic work! I hope you dont mind my asking but is the piece entirely carved or is it raised from behind at all? That is alot of background to remove evenly. Wonderful work !



    cheers jeff

  5. Really thanks Kevin,

    In fact, i do not know a craftsmen well. and do not know who would like to do that.

    I do hope find someone love to make it for a balde. they do not have to be world-class. as long as he love to do that, and have will have time to do that. just match the sheath. thanks again.


    thank you very much. It is a joy to watch your work unfold. I hope that you are able to find someone who will make a blade to match your work. I am sure you know several such craftsmen, and many of the people here are world-class talent. Sadly, I am not one of them. But, it is an honor to watch you and many others work.



  6. Thanks, There is none something special which called technique.

    After rolled it by solid wood rod. then use the brass brazing. or silver solder. the solder line will be invisible after the plated, covered by the gold and brown finish.


    I greatly enjoy your posts.


    What technique did you use to close up the sheath after you rolled it? It looks like solder of some sort. Once the piece if finished out, will there be an apparent solder line?


    Thanks for the great posts.

  7. Dick,

    you are right.

    As long as it match!

    Really thanks.





    usually the blade is in search of furniture... It is interesting that your furniture will be searching for a blade... I suppose it really doesn't mater as long as they match...smile.gifsmile.gif


    I'm really enjoying watching your work... thanks for showing ....



  8. Charles,

    Thank you for another dazzling display of your beautiful work..just amazing. I personally like the time before the final details are added, such as the 6th picture from the top which is the fourth picture from the bottom. Thank you very much for posting this sequence, very interesting. Yesterday I spent some time digging at various samples of iron using industrial antique chisels..now I appreciate your work even more.





    Thanks, most of us would like to see the process details.

    yes, same for everything, 说是一回事,做又是另一回事, in English is,see as below.

    Saying is one thing, and doing is another.

    Like, it looks simple, but acturely not.

    LIke, it looks hard, easier in fact.

    So just do it. get the right feel

  9. It was an old work in 2009

    Custom Thick Copper Dragon Tsuba 镡

    Custom Tsuba by chisels and hammer.


    The Finished one already sent out. here is the defects one.

    Welcome for any comments.




















    That's all. They said this not too bad....

  10. We have the process photos, we have the making sequence, we have the Chisels Hammer tools,

    Now we also have the segment videos of the metal carving.


    work on steel.



    Video 1:

    My link


    VIDEO 2

    My link


    VIDEO 3

    My link


    the above steel piece, is not a commercial work, it is only my first practice on the new style pattern.



    work on brass.


    Video 1

    My link



    Video 2

    My link



    Video 3

    My link



    Video 4

    My link



    Video 5

    My link



    work on copper.



    Video 1

    My link


    Video 2

    My link


    Video 3

    My link


    Video 4

    My link

  11. Ford, Great see you here.

    and yes, most of the time, i live in ZHONG SHAN city,which is near Macao, and sometime stay in yin tang city of the jiang xi province.

    Ford, the following the iron brush forum is one of the best forum i have been, it is specialized field. thanks a lot,i got a lot there, for each other and also from your patient.


    I've corresponded with Charles and apparently he lives in Zhonshan City, Mainland China.


    regards to all,


    ford hallam B)

  12. Hi,Antonio,

    您好(ni hao).How are you.


    Antonio,this is sonds very good, even in Chiese calling 安东尼奥. also really a good name for your Chinese name 江連浩, who give you this name? 江 (jiang) is river, means water, 連(lian) is conection 浩(hao) is sea, also means water.

    it have a good wishing, everything of you, like fish in water; your desire is gratified.


    It's not a interruption. im really happy to meet you here, and thanks a lot for your links below.i will be there, and sure i will learn a lot there. learn from you. and also thanks a lot my friend bring you here.


    I respect you like the Chinese crafts, Chinese swords,and so on. and respect all you did for these. becasue soemthing you done, make the more people to see and to know the those work.


    Alan Hi,


    A friend alerted me to this thread. Pardon the interruption...

    Alan, the name is difficult to write, much less to speak: António Conceição Júnior tongue.gif so I decided long ago

    to use Antonio Cejunior for non Portuguese speakers wink.gif .


    Mr. Wu, my Chinese name is 江連浩 .

    Where do you live? Have you visited any of these exhibitions before?






    I am not the least surprised with the talent of Mr. Wu.

    I grew up exposed to different forms of exquisite Chinese carving, from metal to ivory. Always absolutely amazing.


    Thank you all and pardon the interruption.


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