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  1. Again Really thanks Jim's guiding, for here, for work skil, for all... , and there are lot of need to learn for you, Jim, and all. Again Really thanks Matt Stagmer's first input. Again Really thanks praise from WmHorus, old friend McAhron, JPH, Dave, Gyuri,jdsmith02115 Thanks Dick, yes,Jim bring me here,then i have a chance to see more, learn more, and share my work, Sure,more is coming. Thanks P.Abrera, not planning to patinate, just keep it like that. and im one the way of learning it. Again Really thanks Don Fogg's welcome. Nearly Forgot posting the back side, attached as below.
  2. Reall thanks every body's input. I have the honor have you here. I almost forgot to make a makr for the tsuba, some early rough work on the tsuba was done with a milling machine. and i think all of you already got it form the grinder marks. Jim, thanks your warm remind.
  3. Yes, my sir! Sure thanks a lot you bring me here.
  4. Thanks your welcome. best wishes for you and all here. yes, i will share lots of works here. it's coming. Thanks Jim a lot. bring me here, this is a great forum. thanks again, Jim.
  5. Great Jim, Really thanks you bring me here. thanks again.
  6. Thanks, it is brass material, T6mm thickness used. size about 8.1 by 7.3 CM, more pictures will be add later.
  7. my new tsuba by chisels & hammer. welcome input, and enjoy it please.
  8. Charles Wu, a metal carver newbie from China, 以后请多多指教( qing duo duo zhi jiao ) For help each other, for advance and for share.
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