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  1. Thanks Alan! Sounds like I need to really redo my whole workspace haha. The Powerflow sounds like some more bang for your buck. Is it comfortable? I like the look of how the Airshield seals over the face. Looks more comfortable to me, but then again I've read reviews of it being heavy and hard on the neck.
  2. Petr, hope you're doing better now that a few months have passed. I've been worrying more and more about this stuff jeopardizing my respiratory health. I'm still pretty young and I want to start taking precautions now. I've been looking at respirator options, and I have a few questions that I hope you guys can help me with. I'm looking at a couple of the cheaper options that keep getting mentioned here on the forum: The 3M Powerflow: http://www.amazon.com/3M-Face-Mounted-Respiratory-6900PF-Rechargeable/dp/B007TTNW28/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1451272269&sr=8-2&keywords=3m+papr
  3. Not certain if this contains every single runestone find, but it does contain translations of many of the earliest runic inscriptions, and the bibliography contains plenty of other good sources. Looijenga has done some of the more impressive modern work. Purchasing the whole book is expensive, like any academic textbook. Amazon has it: http://www.amazon.com/Texts-Contexts-Oldest-Inscriptions-Northern/dp/9004123962 You can also read it free here: http://www.academia.edu/5030830/Texts_and_Contexts_of_the_Oldest_Runic_Inscriptions An incredible resource is the University of Kiel's Runenpro
  4. Yeah!!! Jack reveals himself at last. Wonderful work man.
  5. Haha I love the title of your post. The knife is great, very good character. The walnut spacer looks like a band of patinated copper almost.
  6. Beautifully done Jeff, it's perfect. I love the detail work on the leather, you enhance the smallest details and it comes through in the overall impression.
  7. Beautiful! Ladies love a big beard haha
  8. Aw yeah this is going to be a great sword. Nice work man, really inspiring.
  9. Nice Chris! I love homemade tools and viking tools and homemade viking tools Looks like fun, enjoy them.
  10. Dude... Yes!!! This is looking so awesome. Wonderful photos of the process too, thank you.
  11. Those are my thoughts exactly Scott. I'm almost ready to try this strategy on my collaboration with Luke Shearer that I've been so late doing my part. Cast a blank, then take it down to desired shape. I'm pleased you're looking into this at more or less the same time. I will be watching for pointers
  12. Looks great Chris! I'd like to start playing with silver meself. That's so cool that it was a coin, did you forge it hot or annealed cold?
  13. "...where he stands, arms erect, gazing into the ether for around 45 minutes, or until his arms get tired..." baha
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