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  1. Thanks its rolled up from sheet with a separate cap and brazed together
  2. ..or it might be bloom. Its some high carbon grainy steel I pinched from Owen Bush's scrap that we though was just wrought. Laminated it with with wrought iron and put a handle on it. Silver birch burl I have on permanent loan from an estate in the Cairngorms. Brass sheet brazed into a ferrule and brass sleeve over the tang to peen against. Wet formed veg tan sheath over a pine core with bronze jump ring
  3. a little mig weld that I ground off afterwards! I did it in gas but I think I might have managed it without if it was in coke. I mean they might not have ended up in the right place of course! I’m afraid I don’t have any pictures of the blade but here’s another, yes it’s got little gaps!
  4. First go at one if these, just too cool not to try. had some issues that were mostly as a result of rushing or not paying attention but I’m happy with it over all. Would like to make another with some twists and stuff. Inlay on the socket would be cool too but I only have so much patience! wrought socket and core, wrought and mild teeth, en42j and 15N20 edge.
  5. Not posted here in a long while but Mr Bush encouraged me to. Heres a selection of knives I’ve made over the last 10 months or so, all forged from silver steel, 52100 or en9. There are also a couple of cutlers hammers I’ve forged. Handled with a combination of walnut, Paduk, wenge, curly eucalyptus, silver birch and laburnum. Ive been fairly out of the knife making scene for a while whilst serving a Farriery apprenticeship but I’m getting more time for fun these days! I will try to show more.
  6. cheers! heres number two with a garnet, emerald and sapphire
  7. just something to show im not gone completely, today i had a play with cuttle bone casting silver. moment of truth, the previous failed attempt behind it. i made the next one smaller with a larger opening to the cavity because of the big opening theres lots of cleaning (and waste!) to do dropped the garnet in the hole and couldnt get the bugger out graphite from a pencil to hold the jump ring in place
  8. Cheers! glad to see you appreciate those hours of assembling, disassembling, filing and polishing!! The very same!
  9. jameswood


    Heres my latest one, a seax- tanto Wrought iron back and W2 clay quenched edge. 10" blade 61/2" handle Ebony handle with Wrought iron, copper and reindeer antler. yet to make the sabbard (saya scabbard)
  10. having a bad time trying to etch it, cant get a clean etch thats clear, pulling my hair out!
  11. no, O1 here comes in GFS gauge plate only. see here http://www.silver-steel.co.uk/aboutsilversteel.php
  12. One i made, started it about a year ago but picked up a fly press (screw press) recently and got her finished. Made from BS1407 which i think you call Drill Rod in the states, we like our hammers hard! It was meant to be 1 3/4 Lb but ended up at 1.41 lb which will do. 4" long head and 16" long shaft. [/url] got a ball pein and cross pein to make now...and some axes!
  13. has anyone got any experience with pressing sheet metal to make ferrules? I'm trying to work out how to go about making dyes for my fly press but not having pressed sheet metal before in not sure of the subtleties involved. Any help would be appreciated!
  14. you've got a right knack for this:P where did you get your stamp made in the end?
  15. never seen what i consider to be a perfect knife before but from your photo's that appears to be so! I can only aspire to have your ability, Gerhard.
  16. just these few £40 $60 Horseshoe knife, Silver steel (BS1407) tempered for hardness 7 3/4" over all, 1/4" thick and a 3 1/2" blade. should fit an E3 slim nail £15 $23 little blacksmith knife, Silversteel i think. 6 1/2" overall 3" blade 3.5mm thick. £25 $38.50 and the bigger one. EN9 (1050ish) 8" overall, 3 3/4" blade 5mm thick. a little thick behind the edge hence the high bevel. i hope i have got the currency conversion correct, i used Google so we can blame them if it is wrong prices are excluding the P+P, open to sensible offers. i can get more photos
  17. Thanks everyone as far as im aware all horseshoes are mild steel, i forged that one from BS1407 I used HCl to get the scale off, cold forging isnt ideal as it can cause cracks in steels like i used, you can brush it when it is hot for similar effects but it takes alot of effort, for example:
  18. Last weekends work, not done any like this for a while now, im a bit out of practice! horse shoe knife from BS1407 big one from EN9 (1050ish) BS1407 again nothing too fancy
  19. bet there is some life in that steel when you get some light in it!
  20. a frog is the rubbery bit of hoof on the bottom of the foot.
  21. 50 points to the Bushmeister! more precisely a loop knife for the trimming of frogs
  22. haha! not a hawk, the loop is about 1" long if that helps
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