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  1. "The Art of the Cutler" by JJ Perret

    Great - at last! Also great that someone with JPH's knowledge and experience is involved with the project. J
  2. Leg Vise - Screw Box - WTB

    Finally repaired. I had a local "tornero" make a new screwbox. Used a key to keep it from spinning. Works well. Thanks for all the suggestions. Saludos J JDWARE KNIVES
  3. Leg Vise - Screw Box - WTB

    There're the good ideas! Gracias J JDWARE KNIVES
  4. Leg Vise - Screw Box - WTB

    BUMP. Any suggestions where else to look? thanks J
  5. I'm searching for a screw box for a 4" leg vise of unknown manufacture. The old one cracked, and was misplaced by the guy who was supposed to repair it. I live in Mexico and these kinds of things are near impossible to find (for sale anyway). I can have it shipped to family in Philadelphia where I will pick it up. the screw is about 1 and 1/8" outside diameter. Not too concerned with appearance, just need a fix. Saludos J
  6. Handmade versus Machine made by hand

    To me, it's not really such a provocative question. There's just not a simple answer. Tell ten people you make "hand made knives", and each person will probably have a different image in their mind of what that means. At least a few will assume that it means made without "machines"...... whatever a machine is. To some people even a brace and bit is a machine; to some a hand held electric drill is a machine; to some a drill press is a machine; to some only a computer controlled waterjet or EDM is a machine. Ask ten knifemakers what "hand made" means and you'll get ten different answers (at least). Vernon, if you are asking this question in order to define your own work, my answer would be that there are no ready made labels or accepted definitions. So just describe your work and working methods as clearly as you can. And let people know why you work the way you do and why you believe it's meaningful. Saludos J JDWARE KNIVES
  7. problem posting

    not sure what happened. The initial log in went OK. Then when I hit submit, i was asked for my user name and one of those boxes appeared asking to type in the displayed words to prove I was a human (with excellent vision). Like you, I dislike upgrades that supposedly make it easier and more "intuitive" to use the familiar, and already easy to use, software.
  8. making a guitar

    Let me try this again:
  9. problem posting

    just posted to videos. I logged on, but for some reason i'm listed as a guest. Not able to edit the post at all. Would also like to properly embed the visdeo
  10. nice video (can't figure out how to embed video though) edit: aah that's better
  11. I may go to the Dark Side: What is Tactical?

    Thanks Joshua J JDWARE KNIVES
  12. I may go to the Dark Side: What is Tactical?

    Thanks Kevin. Just jump in there with the folders...... the slip-joints are simple, but you never stop discovering subtle complexities. I enjoy making them. J JDWARE KNIVES
  13. I may go to the Dark Side: What is Tactical?

    Kevin There is a beautiful short story called Assembly Line by B. Traven that chronicles the life and struggles of the artisan. The story shows the conflict between a commodity economy, in which beautiful things are produced for their usefulness rather than their exchange value, and the capital based economy that seeks to exploit those objects for a profit. The artisan is a poor campesino in rural Oaxaca, Mexico who weaves baskets to generate cash to purchase the things he can't make or grow himself. During the few weeks of the year when his land does not require his attention, he collects natural fibres and plant and insect dyes to create the work, and sells the baskets in the market of a nearby town. The capitalist is a gringo from New York who sees an opportunity to "help" the artisan, and to make a quick killing for himself. Assembly Line was written in the 1920's. Assembly Line There is also an excellent essay on the story as a critique of social justice: HERE J JDWARE KNIVES
  14. From the book Law and Custom in Hasidism ; "Whetted knives are made of molten iron, and are whetted to make them extremely sharp and smooth. Those which are not whetted are made of forged iron...." The practice of using "whetted" knives was adopted by the new Hasidic sect in the mid 18th century around the time Benjamin Huntsman was producing cast steel (maybe the English Steel?) J JDWARE KNIVES
  15. Interesting topic. Here's a link to an article on Rabbi Moshe Yurman (from New Jersey) who makes the slaughtering knives. I'm thinking that "English Steel" may have just been a term used for Huntsman or Crucible steel - (molten steel). When introduced it was seen as producing a more perfect blade than other steels. J JDWARE KNIVES