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  1. Sorry to leave everyone hanging on this thread, got busy. long story short I ended up finishing this knife, I do think that the 420 degree temper is a little too soft. But I didn’t want to redo the heat treat and risk losing the chainsaw chain, it performed ok at edge retention, so here it is.
  2. No it stayed bent, But I may not of been doing the test correctly, I was forcing it straight down into the rod. When I get home I will try it as per the video that Joel shared. (Thanks Joel)
  3. So I did some testing and I'm feeling a little bit better. I sharpened the knife to the point it would shave arm hair and then sliced up a cotton shop rag and whittled and chopped thru a piece of 1x2 pine. it still shaves hair almost as well as before. so that leaves me with more questions. 1: How definitive is the brass rod test? The edge clearly bent when pressed into the rod. Too soft? 2: Would a 420 degree temper be considered too hot for 1084 steel by those that know? thanks again for any help!
  4. Thanks Doug. what is the safest way to redo the heat treat? I'm worried about grinding away too much of the chainsaw chain.
  5. Thanks Doug. what is the safest way to redo the heat treat? I'm worried about grinding away too much of the chainsaw chain.
  6. So my oven is running 20 degrees hotter than it says, would that be enough to be my problem? or should I be thinking more about decarb or something else?
  7. by "eye" as per the thread in the heat treat section, but I was having trouble seeing the phase change with my setup. the problem could be here, but I would have thought I was too hot if anything, as I quenched at a very bright orange color. a couple other things that are bothering me are that it seemed to pass the file test post quench and when straitening a warp in the tang post temper, the end of the tang that didn't get submerged in the quench would take a dent from the hammer, but closer to the blade wouldn't. which I took as another indication that the blade was hard. Pulling m
  8. hi guys, quick question. I am making an EDC out of 1084 from Jantz. I forge welded a length of chainsaw chain down both sides and then forged and ground to shape. heat treat was per Allen Longmire in the "heat treat by alloy" section. doing the final grinding I decided to do the "brass rod test" and my edge is soft. any idea where I might have gone wrong? I didn't burn the edge grinding, quench was in warm vegetable oil and I did three hours at 400 deg. for temper. any thoughts as to what went wrong would be greatly appreciated.
  9. sounds to me like your tank is freezing, set it in a large tub of water and do a test run.
  10. Could you forge the teeth into one bar using some sort of fuller, cool, then use that bar as a fuller for the other? Edit. Now I see you had that as an option already. sorry.
  11. Hey, Samcrow. I don't think you were trying to offend, but you missed the fact that this is in the tailgate sales section... and Ben is selling this... for a profit..... no harm done.
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