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  1. Dion

    Iron spears and javelins

    Nicely done
  2. Dion

    The Lake sword

    Looking great man, I like where yoirwent with that core idea.
  3. Dion

    Practice/test small high layer knife.

    Great knife, I would love to see that one in person.
  4. Dion

    Puukko/sloyd/bench knife

    Thanks Brian and Alan.
  5. Dion

    Puukko/sloyd/bench knife

    Thanks Tim, it does feel good in the hand, and almost weightless. That is pretty much what I had in mind George, a carving/whittling knife, it started out as a more traditional puukko, but a heavy hammer blow flattened the belly out, so I went with it. Thanks for commenting.
  6. Dion

    small ax

    That looks great
  7. Dion

    Puukko/sloyd/bench knife

    Phil,yup, stacked birch and a little piece of whitetail deer antler. Kevin, autocorrect got me on the title, it changed sloyd to slots. I meant this one as a Nordic type carving knife.
  8. This is my latest knife, it still needs some touch ups and tweeks. I forged the blade from wrought iron wrapped around a piece of shear steel. The wrought came from a wagon wheel and the shear steel from a set of buggy springs. I forged out a number of blades this fall so I could finish them up this winter. I like to think of a Scandinavian immigrant, making knives from what he could find when he came to this country.
  9. Dion

    Forging a chef knife

    Thanks, I like the 45° cut idea,plus I have an idea for the cut off piece. Setting off the stock for the handle may be a challenge, but maybe I'll cut a starting notch for that also.
  10. Dion

    bearded axes have been keeping me busy

    Those are really great Alan, I love the shape you have achieved on them.
  11. Dion

    Forging a chef knife

    Ok, I have a commission for a chef knife, 10 inch by 2 inch blade,5 inch handle. I ordered some of Aldos 1084 .156 thick 2 inch wide thinking I could just cut it out, but I would rather forge it to shape. Any advice on forging/heat treating would be appreciated. Thanks
  12. That works, although has any one heard from heard Sam, it's like he fell off the face of the earth. Thanks Dave and Michael.
  13. Has anybody heard anything from Sam, he hasn't been on facebook either. Maybe there is a curse on this kith.