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  1. bruce

    Sanding Block

    i like that idea
  2. bruce

    help with soldering

    im looking to make my first habaki blade collar from brass i have a benzomatic propane torch but im not much on soldering i read i need hard solder any advice welcome
  3. bruce

    The Assistant WIP

    im with Gabriel James nice drop point look like a winner to me
  4. bruce

    Need advice on engraving options

    im with mister alan ( I think a lightly domed disc would look better than flat, but that is of course up to you. ) that dome with be draw the eyes there the Spencerian script font, should be a nice touch of class
  5. bruce

    Jamb Knife, Take-Down Concept

    first im not a beginner but i make knifes to get used i like the idea it look,s ok with me yes maybe some shaping on the handle my only Thoth to do def, would be Maybe one wedge with a small taper like the pin used to hold a tanto handle on less likely to loosen maybe
  6. bruce

    help with brass boosters on kukri ?

    thank,s mister Allen that is just what i am needing help with ( traditional kukri from eastern Nepal ) were the wood meets the steel id like it to be rig hit // mister Wes if i am not wrong to make a bolster that covers the hole handle will i need have to go stick tang ? also if important im making these for a soldier over all length about 11 in,
  7. bruce

    help with brass boosters on kukri ?

    im not sure how to post pictures the part made from brass i need help forming is at the junction were the handle meets the blade
  8. bruce

    help with brass boosters on kukri ?

    thank,s guys ill get to the brass soon
  9. bruce

    help with brass boosters on kukri ?

    so i can carved a big rod ore something & after annealing just tap tap till it the shape i wont ? i was thinking the brass may not move but slit
  10. bruce

    help with brass boosters on kukri ?

    first thank,s will i know that the booster is contoured to fit close to the wood not like knifes with a guard i have no idea how to forum that shape
  11. ive never made a kukri id like help forming the brass that between handle & blade any help welcome
  12. bruce

    My First Bar-Stock Blade

    nice one
  13. bruce

    color case hardeing any one know ?

    thank,s again as always very helpful
  14. id like to try colored case hardening any easy how to,s & can these color be added to carbon steel ?