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  1. Do you work with Fred Truus?
  2. wow, Jim your work continues to influence, and inspire me. Have you seen Phil lately?
  3. hey J.D, thanks the materials are, for the fox w2,15n20, 308, shakudo, 24k, for the bee, 1084/15n20, sterling, 1008, 24k
  4. New folders I had at the blade show, fennec fox inlay, and bumble bee, revolver inlays
  5. These are some knives i made for my MFA work at SIUC
  6. Ric, Daryl says hello back. Last time I was at Hank's Ed gave me a folder lesson. I tried back locks first but I like this new style. I really enjoy chasing and repousse and hope to blend it into folders. I would like to try an automatic so if you know of any resources on the mechanism I would greatly appreciate that. This is my last year, I will have my thesis in the spring.
  7. This is a liner lock I'm working on. I acquired some Tamahagane from a professor. The handle is Wrought iron from Daryl, and inlaid with silver and gold on opposite sides of the handle, with the frog hugging the pivot pin. I got the frog from Jim Kelso's tutorial the stitch still needs to be tamped down a bit.
  8. this is my first folder inspired by some I saw of Don Fogg and Jim Kelso. It is a lock back with goldlip pearl and wrought iron Daryl Meier gave me
  9. Sorry, I lost my camera and all the process shots. The pattern is two opposing twisted 10 layer billets in the middle forged to 1/4 inch the next bars are two billets composed of 9 bar. The center bar in the 9 bar is a Gordian knot with three radials and straight layers mixed with w's the outside eight bars are opposing straight radials and w's radials these are then laddered like a chevron. The chevrons are on the outside of the previously mentioned twists. Outside these are radials with straight layers opposing twisted. Then the 9 bar with the radials was twisted opposing ways and attached t
  10. I don't have any more pictures of the razor unfortunately however, the scales are African blackwood, the liners are stainless, and the rivets are fine silver tube rivets with the head on the backside of the scale then peridot set into them. The pivot is a fine silver tube rivet with a sterling rivet through it.
  11. Thanks everyone, Paul things are well here almost done with school. Jim I'm glad to have met as well, hopefully we'll see each other soon. Don thanks for the photos it was good to see you again, Daryl gives his regards. Geoff I was a student of JD Smiths, right before the class was offered at Massart I missed it by one year.
  12. This is my first Straight razor and some other things
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