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  1. We are very skilled when it comes to cleaning blades. As to polishing them, we are not trying to get that done anytime soon. Our goal is to convince the director of the necessity of cleaning the blades on a regular basis. To do that will require a more academic response. I have some pics that I'll try to post latter. By the way, we have all of the kenji translated save one. It looks to be a very old one that has not been in much use in the last 100 or so years.
  2. A few years ago my Sensei and I were given the honor of cleaning and caring for two Katanas at my local University. I tried to get them to let us clean them again before Christmas and the director said that he just wants to put them under glass and leave them there. I am in the process of creating a written argument to present him with to let us continue with there cleaning. Do any of ya'll know of good sites/books that I can use to back up our assertion? The man was my professor and the only way that I know of that I can get through to him will be in this manor. For a littl
  3. Thank you very much Chris. The thing is very thick and I'll try to get some pics on by tomorrow's end.
  4. I just finished my first blade using a clay heating and now I need some pointers in the final grinding. How do I do it with out taking all the temper out of it? How do I reveal the Hamon? Thank you all, I cannot do it with out ya'll
  5. I am new at the game and am trying to learn how to make swords/knives in the old Japanese style. I was wondering if there was any teachers/smiths in Texas that would be able to help me learn? Thanks.
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